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Study more than one subject

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We've got over fifty joint honours degrees that give you the opportunity to study more than one subject.

Combine old and new

Explore a new subject alongside one you already know.


No need to choose

If you love two subjects equally you don't have to choose between them.


Follow a theme

Examine a topic like climate change or gender issues from different angles.


Career benefits

Demonstrate to employers your ability to link up different topics into a coherent whole.


What combination of subjects are you interested in?

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American and Canadian Studies

Four options: English - Film and Television - History - Politics

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Three options: Ancient History - Geography - History

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Contemporary Chinese Studies

Three options:History - Russian - Modern Languages

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Classics, Ancient History and Classical Civilisation

Four options: Archaeology - English - History - Philosophy

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Five options: Classics - French - History - Philosophy - Spanish

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Film and Television Studies

One option: American and Canadian Studies

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Ten options: Business - English - Economics - German - History - Law - Politics - Philosophy - Russian - Spanish

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Six options: Business - French - History - Politics - Russian - Spanish

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Eight options: Ancient History - Archaeology - East European Culture - English - French - German - Politics - Spanish (Hispanic)

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History of Art

One option: English

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Liberal Arts

Build your own degree across several subjects

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One option: Philosophy

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Nine options: Classical Civilisation - Economics - English - French - Music - Physics - Politics - Psychology - Theology



Four options: East European Culture - French - German - Spanish

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Spanish (Hispanic)

Seven options: Economics - English - French - German - History - Law - Russian

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Theology and Religious Studies

One option: Philosophy


Single honours degrees

If you want to concentrate on a single subject you still have opportunities to add in something extra.

Many of our single honours degrees allow you to take one or two modules from other subjects. This can be to complement your main studies or simply personal interest. So if you want to study English but also the Philosophy of Language you could. Or maybe you'll concentrate on History but take a particular module in politics that interests you. There's so many options we can't list them all - come to an open day and ask our staff about the possibilities. 

The Language Centre also offers modules in a wide range of languages that can be included in this allowance.

Foundation Year programmes

We believe in potential ability as well as existing qualifications. Our Foundation Year programmes are for UK students who:

  • don't achieve the usual exam grades our degrees ask for
  • went to a state school/college
  • meet certain other personal background criteria

Find out more about our Foundation Year programme

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