CASE Programme


Looking for a PhD which gives you the opportunity to work with an industry partner?

Our CASE studentships will give you the opportunity to work in partnership with industry, undertaking an industry placement and benefiting from an industrial supervisor as part of your supervisory team.

You will benefit from joining the BBSRC DTP community of over 220 postgraduate researchers, partaking in a broad range of training opportunities including the annual DTP conference.

You can explore the projects on offer using the table below - click on the titles to read more about the project, and on the supervisor's name to contact them for more information. You can apply for up to three CASE projects, as well as making an application to the DTP's standard scheme using our online form - you only need to submit one form for all of your project selections.

These studentships are only open to students who are classed as Home for fees. International students will be ineligible to be considered for this round. 

 Closing date: Tuesday 20 June 2023 - 12 noon.

2023 CASE Projects - currently recruiting
 DTP Research Area Lead SupervisorSchool  PartnerProject title 
Agriculture and Food Security John Brameld  Biosciences AB Agri/ AB Vista The impacts of carbohydrate and protein interactions in novel feed ingredients on amino acid digestibility
Biotechnology Ying Zhang  Life Sciences Freeland Horticulture Ltd Precious metal biorecovery using microbial factory
Biotechnology Markus Owen Mathematical Sciences Phenotypeca Ltd  Machine Learning for predicting yeast phenotype from genotype for biotech applications 
Biotechnology Professor Matt Loose Life Sciences Oxford Nanopore Technologies Structural and copy number variation analysis using adaptive long read sequencing
Agriculture and Food Security Dr Qian Yang Biosciences Unilever Exploring the association between temperature and sweetness perception and the role of different composition on sweetness perception
Agriculture and Food Security Dr Vincenzo Di Bari Biosciences Agrigum Encapsulating and cryoprotecting properties of natural composites based on gum acacia 
Bioscience for Health Gleb Yakubov Biosciences Haleon Mechanisms of Action of Sodium Bicarbonate on Oral Biofilms


2023 CASE projects not currently recruiting
 DTP Research Area Lead Supervisor School PartnerProject Title 
 Agriculture and Food Security Surbhi Grewal Biosciences RAGT Seeds Ltd Exploiting wheat-wild relative introgression lines and synthetics for resistance to viral diseases under climate change
 Agriculture and Food Security  Klaus Winzer  Life Sciences NetZeroNitrogen Ltd  Optimising plant symbiotic bacteria through quorum-sensing and engineering biology approaches for delivery of climate-smart, sustainable nitrogen fertilizer for agriculture
 Biotechnology  Ellis O'Neill  Chemistry  Bactobio  A chemistry-first approach to uncovering novel natural products from a proprietary strain collection of rare and unexplored bacteria
 Biotechnology  Gabriel Castrillo  Biosciences  Syngenta Group  To seal or not to seal. Characterization of root sealing regulatory mechanisms in plant colonised by microbes
 Biosciences for Health  Dr Nicholas Hannan  Medicine  Manchester BIOGEL  Understanding Mechanisms Driving Lung Disease Caused by Environmental Particulate Matter
  Biotechnology  Professor Thorsten Allers  Life Sciences  Oxford Nanopore Technologies  Optimising translocation of Hel308 helicase for improved nanopore DNA sequencing 
Biosciences for Health Professor David M Heery  Pharmacy Diamond Light Source Chromatin Regulator KAT6B and its Role in gene expression and DNA binding
Biotechnology Professor Kevin Gough SVMS  ADAS Biotechnology The development of bacteriophage as bionanoparticles for gene therapy 



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