CASE Programme

Looking for a PhD which gives you the opportunity to work with an industry partner?

Our CASE studentships will give you the opportunity to work in partnership with industry, undertaking an industry placement and benefiting from an industrial supervisor as part of your supervisory team.

You will benefit from joining the BBSRC DTP community of over 220 postgraduate researchers, partaking in a broad range of training opportunities including the annual DTP conference.

Below are the CASE projects that have secured funding from the DTP for recruitment in October 2024. Click on the project titles to read more about the project, and on the supervisor's name to contact them for more information. 

Applicants will be able to apply for either or both of these 2 CASE projects, as well as making an application to the DTP's standard scheme.

Round 2 of recruitment is now closed.

2024 CASE projects
DTP Research Area Lead Supervisor School PartnerProject Title 
Agriculture & Food Security Craig Sturrock Biosciences Anglo American Woodsmith Does fertilizer placement play a key role in crop establishment?
Bioscience for Health Neil Oldham Chemistry Erebagen Ltd Native mass spectrometry for the discovery of new anticancer agents


The following CASE projects have now been allocated.

Agriculture & Food Security John Brameld Biosciences Ab Agri/AB Vista The plasticity of insects' microbiome and the impact of feeding to chickens
Agriculture & Food Security Guillermina Mendiondo Biosciences  Diageo Future grains: Evaluating impacts of elevated CO2 and temperature on yield and grain quality in cereals
Agriculture & Food Security Emily Burton NTU Kemin Industries Optimisation of protease feed additives for poultry to increase protein utilisation efficiency from locally produced sources
Biotechnology Markus Owen Mathematical Sciences Phenotypeca Ltd  Machine Learning for predicting yeast phenotype from genotype for biotech applications 
Biotechnology Simone Morra Engineering HydRegen Ltd From nature to industry: applying H2-metabolising enzymes to sustainable biocatalysis
Biotechnology Neil Thomas Chemistry PeptiMatrix Engineering Biology approaches to functionalised hydrogel production
Biotechnology & Bioscience for Health Nathan Archer Vet School AstraZeneca mRNA cap methylation - localisation and mechanisms in gene expression and RNA therapeutics
Bioscience for Health Kevin Webb Engineering Cairn Research Ltd The Fast and Non-Spurious: High-content screening without artefact in barrier tissues on a chip
Bioscience for Health Ruman Rahman Medicine Sferola Ltd Next-generation nanoparticle functionalisation for selective delivery to brain tumours
Bioscience for Health Kenton Arkill Medicine PeptiMatrix Role of Extracellular Matrix in Hypoxic Metastasis

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