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Professor Ken Starkey

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PGCE (The University of Nottingham), B.Sc (University of London), PhD (Aston)
Professor of Management & Org. Learning

Division: Strategy and International Business
Tel: +44 (0) 115 9515260
Location: B03 (North Building, Jubilee Campus)

Graduated in Modern Languages and Literature, researched American Literature University of London, studied for a Psychology degree at University of London while working as a Special Needs Teacher in a London Secondary School. Worked as Research Fellow in School of Modern Languages, Aston University, while pursuing a PhD on the topic of professionals and time in Aston Business School. Worked as Research fellow at |Aston Business School on the future of work organisation, then as Lectuer in Management, University of St. Andrews. Moved to University of Nottingham Department of Industrial Economics in 1988, where I have been ever since, becoming a Reader then Professor in Nottingham University Business School.

Administrative Roles
REF Impact Co-ordinator

School Committee Memberships
REF Task Group 2019
Ken is module convenor of the following modules:


Designing Doctoral Research: Philosophy & Practice (BUSI5016)
Developing Management Research (BUSI5003)

Details of all modules can be found on MyNottingham

My current research is on leadership, what we might learn from the financial crisis, and on the role and future of the business school. (See "The Business School and the Bottom Line" by Cambridge University Press, 2007 - with Nick Tiratsoo). I am currently working on the relevance of the arts and humanities for management and on the future of higher education, with particular reference to the role and the development of business schools internationally.

Older Publications

Older Publications

Journal Articles

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Reports for external body

Watson, S.; Campbell, P.; Campsie, R.; Greensted, C.; Kirby, D.; Morris, D.; Muggeridge, S.; Murray, L.; Osbaldeston, M.; Redfern, B.; Saner, M.; Starkey, K.; Burgoyne, J.; Hirsh, W. 2002, "The Contribution of the UK Business Schools to Developing Mangers and Leaders", in Report for the Business School Advisory Group of the Council for Excellence in Management and Leadership, London.

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Chapters in Books

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Discussion Papers

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Book Reviews

Starkey, K. 2011, "The roots, rituals and rhetorics of change", in Management, pp. 371-380.

Recent Publications

Journal Articles

Starkey, K; Holstein, J; Tempest, S, (2021), "Xenophobia, the unconscious, the public sphere and Brexit", European Management Review, forthcoming 2021.

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Reports for external body

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Chapters in Books

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