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Your degree will open up a world of career opportunities. A huge variety of roles and sectors are open to graduates of any discipline, which is fantastic, but can also be a little daunting when choosing a job that suits you. Even careers that require a specific degree often have various specialisms, so you will still be faced with choices to make about your future.

Our four steps to career success are a great way to get the most out of your time at Nottingham, and support you in achieving your goals.


1. Get involved: explore what's on offer at Nottingham

Studying at university is the perfect time to explore and develop your interests, as well as building your knowledge and skills.

You’ll meet people from all over the world, and have the opportunity to continue current hobbies or sports, while also trying new ones! Your course may also include opportunities to take part in work placements, or you could volunteer or work part-time to build your experience.

Our four examples here are a great starting point for exploring all that Nottingham has to offer:
  1. Check out the range of clubs and societies, or be a part of the Students' Union
  2. Search for part-time jobs through Unitemps
  3. Explore modules on the Nottingham Advantage Award
  4. Find out about work experience options

2. All about you: reflect on what makes you tick

We’re here to help you think about what you want from the world of work. You might have very clear ideas or none at all, but we’re here if you want to talk through your expectations when it comes to choosing a future career. We have resources to help you understand your personal values and motivations, to identify and build on your strengths, and tips to help you develop your skills.

Here are three ideas to help you reflect:
  1. Talk to a careers adviser
  2. Take our quick and easy online exercises
  3. Chat to family and friends

3. Broaden your horizons: discover what's out there

A key element of career choice is being well-informed about the opportunities open to you. We have lots of online resources and an annual programme of career events and workshops to help you research the options with your degree.

You can hear from employers direct to understand what different jobs and sectors involve, or you may want to investigate whether further study could enhance your job prospects. You may have a ‘side hustle’ or be an entrepreneur, and want to explore what it takes to set up your own business. Whatever your ideas are, we’re here to provide the resources to help you research your next steps.

Five suggestions for ways to find out more:
  1. Discover the career options with your degree
  2. Chat to recruiters about their vacancies at our fairs
  3. Find out more about a sector at our events
  4. Explore your further study options
  5. Research different career paths

4. Achieve your goal: secure a job, PhD, or master's

We are here to help you at the time that’s right for you. Our programme of workshops and one-to-one support from advisers can help you prepare for and make successful job or further study applications.

Whether you need information on creating a professional LinkedIn profile, wish to practice and perfect psychometric tests, or are feeling nervous about an upcoming assessment centre or interview we have the right information and advice to hand.

Three ways we can help you succeed:
  1. Get advice on the recruitment process
  2. Book a place on our job-hunting workshops
  3. Talk to recruiters at fairs about what they look for in applicants
By researching different career paths, I have been able to identify the opportunities that best align with my strengths, interests and values. This helps me to make decisions, and pursue opportunities in areas I am truly passionate about in future.
Alena Martin, student