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You've heard the word internship a lot. You might have even been told that it's a CV must-have to get a job. In some industries this is true - most law and finance firms offer structured schemes, for example - yet often you can substitute internship with 'work experience,' 'placement,' 'part-time job,' and 'volunteering'.



Nottingham Internship Scheme

Apply for summer and spring internships with local small to medium-sized companies



Nottingham Consultancy Challenge

A six-week group project helping a local organisation solve a real business problem



Digital Marketing Academy 

The Academy offers you the chance to learn from, and be inspired by, industry professionals



Researcher Academy Placements

Get paid, flexible-hours placement with employers from local businesses to multinationals



Hundreds of internships

Find your next internship from the opportunities listed on MyCareer



Optional Placement Year

Explore a career, build a professional skills and ease the transition into working life



Gain a position with the Students' Union

Take on a position of responsibility with a club or society and ask about volunteering opportunities



Opportunities abroad

Find out about the overseas internships and work experience opportunities you can access



Part-time jobs with Unitemps

Take on paid work on campus of in the local area to fit around your studies



Work shadowing

Get a flavour of someone's responsibilities and job activities by spending a few days with them

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After reading about the Nottingham Consultancy Challenge, I felt it would be a great opportunity for my career development. I not only got a taste of consultancy but also gained useful transferable skills. More importantly, I found myself really interested in the consultancy work!

Guanzhong Wang, student

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