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Career Mentoring

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Connect to a world of expertise

Career Mentoring offers you the opportunity to be supported with your career goals by a member of our alumni community.

Our career mentors are drawn from different sectors and professions, are at varying stages of their careers and have all volunteered their time to provide one-to-one support and advice.

The mentoring relationship will develop through regular telephone and online contact from late November though to March, giving you time to benefit from your mentor's professional experience and knowledge.

Deadline for applications is Sunday 3 November 2019


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Before agreeing to take part it is essential you read the terms and conditions of the scheme here



Attend an information session to find out more

  • Career Mentoring - what's it all about?
    Starts: 16 Oct 2019 2:00 PM
    Finishes: 16 Oct 2019 3:00 PM
    Venue: University Park, Trent Building, B38a
    Remaining places: 27
    Your opportunity to learn more about Career Mentoring
  • Career Mentoring - what's it all about?
    Starts: 24 Oct 2019 12:00 PM
    Finishes: 24 Oct 2019 1:00 PM
    Venue: University Park, Engineering Science Learning Centre (ESLC), B12
    Remaining places: 12
    Your opportunity to learn more about Career Mentoring

Why take part?

A career mentor can help you:

  • gain insight into the sector you wish to enter
  • develop interpersonal and networking skills
  • reflect on your experience and knowledge
  • feel inspired and confident to take your next steps.

Make the most of mentoring

What is mentoring?

  • A voluntary partnership between a more experienced individual (mentor) and a less experienced one (mentee)
  • A relationship based on a set of mutually agreed guidelines of behaviour
  • A tool to support your personal development
  • A learning process for both mentor and mentee

How can you get the most out of mentoring?

  • Take responsibility for your own learning and personal development
  • Accept constructive feedback
  • Be open and honest about yourself
  • Maintain boundaries and confidentiality
  • Have realistic expectations that are shared and agreed with the mentor
  • Commit time and energy to the mentoring relationship

Will there be training?

Yes, if you are matched with a mentor we provide you with online training and resources to help you approach mentoring with confidence. The training will take approximately one hour to complete.

Hear from previous participants

The mentee: Nerissa Culi

Hear how mentoring helped fourth-year neuroscience student Nerissa feel inspired about her future career

The mentor: Amy Prosser

 Hear why Amy, senior scientist at Sygnature Discovery, chose to mentor Nottingham students

Katie Watson
My mentor, Paul, was brilliant. There was no pressure to be the best or convince him I am a great student because there was no job. I am grateful to Paul for helping me prepare for my interviews and giving me the confidence to go for what I want.

Katie Watson

Second year, BA History

Paul Kitchen
I’ve had so many breaks, helpful colleagues and brilliant mentors myself during my career so it felt right that I might do the same. The experience with my mentees has been highly positive; they've taught me just as much as I've taught them. Watching people grow is one of life’s greatest gifts.

Paul Kitchen, Psychology/Philosophy, 1983

Director of Toucan Digital and current Career Mentor 

Isobel Wellings image
It was so useful to hear about Emily’s career and how she achieved it - it broadened my knowledge of the sports sector and what jobs are out there. Emily helped me to identify what my goals were and how to work towards them. 

Isobel Wellings

Third year, MSci Natural Science

Emily Lewis
Being a mentor for Izzy was a very positive experience. I believe that through Career Mentoring I was able to offer support and advice, which will help set Izzy on her way towards a successful career in the sports industry.

Emily Lewis, Modern Language Studies, 1997

PA to Event Director, London Marathon Events


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