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You're studying at a global University so it's not surprising that many of you are interested in gaining work experience outside the UK. 

Gaining experience in another country gives you the opportunity to develop your career skills and a global outlook, which will impress future employers.

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Why gain work experience outside the UK?

As well as gaining experience in the career area that interests you, there are a number of other benefits of gaining experience overseas, for example:

  • experiencing another culture and working environment
  • building a network of professionals working in another country
  • developing your language and communication skills
  • enhancing your independence, self confidence and self-sufficiency
  • exploring the local area during your days off

What do I need to think about?

If you are thinking about looking for work experience abroad, it is important to give yourself time to undertake some research. Here are our starting points:

  • Why do you want to gain experience overseas? How does it fit with your career aspiration? What skills and experience do you want to gain? 
  • Which countries appeal to you? How keen are you to gain experience in the country's customs and cultures? How confident are you speaking the language? Fluent, conversational level or do you need to learn a few basic phrases?  
  • How much will it cost? How much will you need for flights, accommodation, and living expenses? Our International Work Experience Grant can help with the costs.

International Work Experience Grant

  • Do you want to use an agency? An agency might set up a placement for you but there may be a fee, or you can source your own opportunity and make the arrangements yourself. 
  • Using an agency - ask the right questions to help you make an informed decision. The questions will be very similar to those we suggest you ask when selecting a gap year provider. 

Questions to ask an agency

We would also advise you to take a look at Go Overseas where you can read reviews about placement providers

Important advice for volunteering with children:

The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office has recently introduced new official travel advice to warn prospective volunteers and visitors about the unintended consequences of orphanage tourism and volunteering.  If you are considering volunteer work overseas in any institution for children, please read this advice. 


Is there funding to support Nottingham students seeking experience outside the UK?

Yes, we can help with some of your costs through the International Work Experience Grant.

International Work Experience Grant

This grant is designed to enable Nottingham students to undertake work experience opportunities overseas that they might not otherwise be able to afford.

The grant is designed to cover expenses such as travel, insurance, and accommodation.

Find out more about the International Work Experience Grant

There may also be funding available through your school so please do check. For example:

Global Placement Grant for social science students


What about passports, visas and insurance matters?

Passports and visas

Depending on where you plan to travel, you may need to have six months left on your passport. Check the  Foreign and Commonwealth Office website for more information on this and which countries you need visas to enter.

International students needing advice on passports and visas should contact the Visa and Immigration Team.

Health and employer insurance

Always make sure you have adequate health insurance for your stay. Don't scrimp on this as it is important to be properly covered.

If you are from the UK, the European Economic Area (EEA) or Switzerland, you can apply for the European Health Insurance Card, but this does not replace travel insurance.

Employer insurance practices in overseas countries vary widely. You should check that both you and the placement provider have suitable cover in place for your placement activities.

The University's Information and Guidance for Students on Placements PDF format  provides comprehensive advice on the minimum types and level of insurance cover recommended for your protection.

Staying safe

The Fit for Travel website is a great place to look for advice on how to stay safe and provides advice on travel insurance.

It is important to always have an emergency contact in place, with a plan of how to contact them.


What is an internship agreement for an overseas internship?

If you have secured an internship overseas, the host employer may require you and the University to complete an internship agreement. It is common in France (the agreement is known as a Convention de Stage) and Spain (it is known as Convenio de Colaboración).

Where an internship does not form part of your course requirements, the University is unable to sign an agreement provided by the host employer.

We are, however, able to provide a University-approved form for use by students who are registered with the University for the full duration of the proposed internship period.

Please read the guidance document in full before using it.


If you have any enquiries, please contact


Where do I look for opportunities?

Passport Career

Passport Career is a great resource for students and graduates thinking about a global career.

Accessible only to current students and graduates at the University of Nottingham, you will find advice and guidance on over 80 countries, job and internship vacancies and get career, CV, application and cultural advice.

They also run free webinars on finding international internships - look under Global Career Training Events.

Log in/register for Passport Career

MyCareer, our vacancy service

We advertise a number of international work placements through MyCareer - use the advanced search function to select international under location

Log in to MyCareer

Further sources of opportunities

The website below provides examples of organisations who offer opportunities overseas. This organisation and its partners are not an exhaustive list and are for information only. It does not denote endorsement by the University.

Explore opportunities with Go Overseas

You can also look for online reviews from others who have used the agencies or providers you are interested in, or try to find other students who have taken part in work experience abroad and might be able to answer your questions.

Also take a look at our:



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