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Generating career ideas


Working out what you want to do after university can be daunting. Having no idea about your future is one of the main reasons people come to talk to us.

Working towards an answer involves: 

  • identifying what matters to you
  • identifying what you’ve got to offer
  • exploring options

Your strengths and skills

What are your interests, skills, talents and work preferences? What gives you a buzz and motivates you?

Complete the Profiling for Success questionnaires to identify your preferred learning styles, personality traits, career interests and values. 

Watch our video to find out how the questionnaires can help you consider which careers might suit you.

Login to Profiling for Success  for students and alumni

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Your resources

The two online programmes from Prospects - Career Planner and Job Match will help you generate job ideas but in slightly different ways.

Career Planner will suggest jobs based on your skills, interests and motivations. Login required.

Job Match asks you about which job groupings or families appeal to you and then from there look at job roles. No login required

Career Planner and Job Match

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Read what the jobs involve

Once you have worked out what matters to you, you will need to find out what the jobs involve to help you make an informed choice.

Types of jobs
Narrow down your list to what is the most interesting to you

The Job Crowd
Read job reviews for people already doing the jobs and discover what they're like on a
day-to-day basis

The 'careers TripAdvisor' with reviews on companies, jobs, salaries and more

Talk to professionals in these roles

Career Mentoring 
Benefit from being mentored by an alumni professional

Attend our events
Recruitment fairs, skills workshops, employer presentations and Spotlight On... events

Get experience
Organise work shadowing or work experience opportunities

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