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Too many ideas?

I have too many ideas

Do you feel like some people are clear on what they want to do and others completely clueless? But do you find yourself in a different situation – your head is full of ideas?

It’s fine to eliminate career options as you do your research – in fact it’s advisable otherwise you'll be juggling too many ideas and end up feeling overwhelmed. We can help you narrow down your choices and make the process much more manageable.

Follow our step-by-step guide to bring your career into focus

Step 1: Have a go at our career decision-making exercise

This 30-minute exercise will help you to narrow down your options or choose between several things. It will also help you to review your decision-making style and identify some of the barriers you may face.

Go to the career decision-making exercise

Once you've completed this exercise, jump to Step 4.

Don't want to do the exercise? Move on to Step 2, 3 and 4.



Step 2: Find out about the jobs that interest you. What do they involve?

If someone asked you – well, what does an <insert your job idea here> do? 

  • Could you give them a good insight into the tasks involved in the job?
  • Do you know what qualifications and skills you need to get into this career?
  • Are there different types of <insert job here>?
  • What’s the best thing about being a <insert job> and what’s the dullest part of the job?

If you need to build your understanding of different jobs, depending on which method suits you, here are three options to move forward.

2. Talk to people 

300 employers visit campus to attend our fairs or present at our job and sector events

Explore our events programme

3. Get work experience 

Organise some work experience, part-time work, volunteering or work-shadowing to get a real insight into the jobs that interest you.

Find out more:

Work experience and volunteering


Step 3: Are they right for you? 

To decide whether a job should stay on the list of possibilities or be crossed off, you'll need to assess whether each job is a good fit for you? See if you can answer these questions.

  • How does each job match your interests?
  • Does it sound intriguing and exciting? Or does it appear dull and boring?
  • Do you think you have the skills, or could you develop them, for the job?
  • Do you think your personality traits fit well with the job?
  • Are you interested in further study, if it’s required?
  • Where are the jobs? If the jobs are based in specific geographical locations, how do you feel about moving?

Step 4: Talk to an adviser

Have you made progress but need some one-to-one advice? Are you struggling to eliminate jobs from your list?

Talking over your situation with an adviser is a good way to review your progress and gain some clarity.

Book an appointment with an adviser


Choosing between options

A 13-minute podcast brought to you by Jen Balloch, Employability Officer.

This podcast was recorded with UoN 2020 graduate, Kara Fletcher. Kara talks about how she made a decision between studying for a masters and two different job roles. She also gives her top tips for making the right choice.

Whatever your choices, this podcast will give you an insight into how to make a decision about your next step.

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