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Cybersecurity is the process by which individuals and organisations reduce the risk of cyber-attacks.

The main function of cyber security is to protect any devices that we all use (smartphones, laptops, computers and tablets) from theft, damage and cybercrimes. Cybersecurity is also there to protect us against any cyber threats we may face using online systems such as hardware, software and data that may be damaged or modified. It also protects the privacy of data and hardware that handles, stores and transmits that data. 

Cybersecurity has become so important in recent years that the government has written a strategy on how to deal with cybercrimes.

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Spotlight On: Security and Intelligence

This webinar offers an exclusive insight into an ever growing, and increasingly important sector. You'll hear how to begin a career within security and intelligence from speakers at varying stages of their careers and from a range of backgrounds.


  • Glenn Boland – Defence and Security Senior Consultant, PA Consulting
  • Rhianne Short – Senior Information Security Consultant, Waterstones
  • Lee Parkin – Principal Consultant, CGI 

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  • Alumni: Email us to gain access to the webinar

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What roles are available? 

There are many different types of jobs within this area, for example, you may be involved in building software, websites or networks or you may be involved in more of a consultative role (advising businesses on how to increase their security).

Other jobs include:

  • Application security
  • Analyst roles
  • Cybersecurity engineer
  • IT security engineer
  • Cloud security consultant
  • Ethical hacker
  • Software security officer

The information security jobs in demand for 2023 and beyond

Cyber degrees – career options

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What skills do I need to get into this area of work?

Cybersecurity professionals require a diverse set of skills to effectively navigate the complex landscape of cybersecurity threats and countermeasures. Some essential skills for a career in cybersecurity include:

  • a keen interest in IT and developments in the sector around information security
  • strong technical IT skills and knowledge including hardware, software and networks
  • attention to detail, analytical abilities and the ability to recognise trends in data
  • creativity and patience
  • logic and objectivity
  • threat intelligence
  • risk assessment and management
  • an inquisitive nature
  • a forensic approach to challenges
  • a proactive approach with the confidence to make decisions
  • a methodical and well-organised approach to work
  • the ability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • communication skills and the ability to collaborate effectively with a range of people
  • an understanding of confidentiality issues, and the law relating to them
  • a deep understanding of how hackers work and ability to keep up with the fast pace of change in the criminal cyber-underworld
  • ability to seek out vulnerabilities in IT infrastructures
  • an ability to engage in ‘ethical hacking’, for example, simulating security breaches

Sources: Prospects and TARGETjobs

These skills provide a foundation for a career in cybersecurity, but it's important to note that specific roles may require additional specialised skills or expertise. Ongoing professional development and certifications can also enhance a cybersecurity professional's skill set and marketability.


Where can I find a job or internship in cybersecurity?

Job opportunities

The obvious places to look for jobs are in government departments such as GCHQ and  DSTL but there are thousands of specialist cybersecurity companies who provide consultancy support to businesses and organisations.

You can also find roles in larger professional service consulting organisations such as Accenture, BT, Cisco, Deloitte, IBM, Microsoft and PwC.

CW Jobs - cyber security jobs

EC-MSP Blog Post - Top 15 Cyber Security Companies in London 

Generic jobsites are also worth searching for vacancies too.

More national and regional jobsites


it is important to have some work experience or knowledge around cybersecurity when you come to apply for jobs. You could complete an internship or placement within a company in a cybersecurity role or you could select specific modules related to the subject to get some experience. 

Specialist internships and placements are becoming more commonplace in consulting companies.

The Nottingham Internship Scheme offers spring and summer paid internships for University of Nottingham students with a number of these roles in the technology sector.

All the opportunities are with small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), charities or social organisations in the local area. They take place throughout the year with schemes during spring and summer. This is an excellent way for you to build invaluable experience.

Take a look at and other internship-specific sites

Code First Girls


Tech Academia


Enhance your career prospects at Nottingham

To enhance your prospects of a career in cybersecurity, consider attending networking events. Several tech meetups take place in the Nottingham area that you could get involved in. These are good places to speak to like-minded people, keep up-to-date with industry trends and news and pick up some tips too.

HackSoc is also a great way to get experience in learning new tech skills and networking with like-minded individuals. HackSoc organises HackNotts Hackathon.


Please be aware that study abroad, compulsory year abroad, optional placements/internships and integrated year in industry opportunities may change at any time for a number of reasons, including curriculum developments, changes to arrangements with partner universities or placement/industry hosts, travel restrictions or other circumstances outside of the university's control. Every effort will be made to update this information as quickly as possible should a change occur.


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