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Humanists believe that we have one life and that we should live it well. Like formal religions, humanism has ceremonies for key life events such as baby naming, weddings, and funerals. However, it is not predicated on the belief in a God or Gods/Goddesses. Humanists believe that it is up to us as individuals to give our lives meaning and purpose.

Humanists hold certain key beliefs:

  • Everyone is happier if we treat ourselves, others (including other living beings), and the world well
  • There is no evidence to support a belief in Gods/Goddesses
  • We have a responsibility to protect the world for future generations
  • We should arrive at beliefs based on evidence and experience
  • We can tell right from wrong by working out probable consequences of our actions, and we should do that which causes least harm to others and ourselves

If humanism could be summed up in one sentence it would be, ‘Think for yourself, act for everyone.’

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Our Humanist Chaplain is here to support all members of the University.

We can help anybody explore or develop their understanding of Humanism. We can also help you connect with Humanist communities and local Humanist groups.

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