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Chemistry student to present at the American Chemical Society National Meeting and Expo

Peter Walton, an MSci Medicinal and Biological Chemistry student, is currently on placement with Optibrium Ltd. He has been invited to present his work at the American Chemical Society National Meeting and Expo in Orlando, Florida, on 31 March.

Peter’s presentation, entitled ‘N- and S-Oxidation model of the Flavin-containing Monooxygenases’, covers the work he and his colleagues have undertaken to determine how the Flavin-containing MonoOxygenase group of enzymes work to break down compounds for excretion from the body. Extensive computational tests have provided support for their theory concerning the reaction involved, and found this is able to be used to predict likely metabolites of a wide variety of drugs.

Peter says, “The placement with Optibrium has presented me with the opportunity to explore the world of cutting-edge chemistry research and has helped to realise my passion for research, in particular the application of computational chemistry in biological systems. I am extremely excited about presenting my research at the American Chemical Society meeting as I will be able to further immerse myself in the scientific community and connect with other chemists conducting research across a wide range of disciplines. I hope that once I have graduated I will be able to pursue a career in chemistry and expand my knowledge and experience in this area.”

Posted on Thursday 21st February 2019

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