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Our Research

The School of Chemistry maintains a highly active and wide-ranging research portfolio that sustains international excellence within both the core-Chemistry areas and in the interdisciplinary research environment at the interfaces with Biomedical Sciences, Life Sciences, Physics and Engineering.

Extracting cells from a plant

Biological Chemistry

Organic solar cells


Xray photoelectro spectroscopy (XPS)

Molecular Bonding and Spectroscopy

Synthesis of polymeric nanoparticles

Synthesis and Catalysis


REF Results 2021

The School of Chemistry (UoA8) maintains a position in the upper half of the UoA, with an increase from REF2014 in the percentage of both ‘internationally excellent’ and ‘world-leading’ outputs, with more than a doubling of the percentage assessed as ‘world-leading’.  All of the impact case studies submitted were viewed as being ‘outstanding’ or ‘very considerable’, and the percentage that is ‘world-leading’ has also increased. The school’s research environment is also recognised being at least ‘internationally excellent’, with an increase to 75% ‘world-leading’ compared to REF2014. 

Join our future research leaders

World-class talent, working in multidisciplinary teams and with inspiring leaders, are at the heart of capturing new ideas and translating these into world-changing solutions.

As a research-led institution, the University of Nottingham recognises the value and contribution of early career researchers in delivering its ambitious, high-quality research vision. There are a host of competitive fellowship schemes available from various funding bodies, charities and institutions specifically targeted at Early Career Researchers.

Research Fellowships

Research Centres and Institutes

Researchers from the School of Chemistry at Nottingham play a leading role in a number of world-class research centres across the university. These include:

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Beacons of Excellence

Beacons of Excellence champion our industry-leading responses to key global challenges. The School of Chemistry is involved in three of the six Beacons of Excellence. 

GlaxoSmithKline Carbon Neutral Laboratory for Sustainable Chemistry

Green Chemicals

Securing the sustainable bio-economy of the future.

A patient in the 3T Wide Bore scanner, Sir Peter Mansfield imaging centre

Precision Imaging

Transforming healthcare with pioneering imaging.

A tram travelling through University Park at night

Propulsion Futures

At the heart of a revolution in greener transport.


A Sustainable Research Environment

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The School of Chemistry is committed to providing a sustainable research environment with significant investment in both people and facilities.

Recent examples include:


SCIENCE (Sustainable Chemicals Innovations Enabling Net Carbon Emissions)

Our Impact

We work closely in partnership with industry to help ensure that the outcomes of our research benefit the widest possible audience.

To facilitate this the School hosts:



By fostering interactions between researchers and industry we have developed and contributed to:

  • New greener technologies
  • Research that has contributed to current and future healthcare products, drug discovery programmes and drug delivery systems
  • Spin-out companies that have delivered marketable products
  • A pioneering programme to engage the public interest and understanding of science
  • Policy changes, economic, educational and environment impacts on emerging economies in Africa

The impact of our research 

Sir Martyn Poliakoff

Martyn Poliakoff: In his element


Fighting infection without antibiotics

Fighting infection without antibiotics






Science impact studies


Quantum leap

A quantum leap for brain imaging

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Long live the tomato

Long live the tomato

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Community pharmacist

How community pharmacists are protecting millions across the globe

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