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The Centre for Sustainable Chemistry

In our search for better medicines to improve healthcare in an ageing population, for safer agrochemicals to aid food production for a growing population, and for new materials to match our insatiable desire for new technology, chemistry plays the dominant role. Without chemistry, the scientific advances required to secure our future will simply not be available. 

However chemistry is often viewed as demanding in its need for energy and natural resources, and its impact on the environment. We have to ensure that our chemistry is safe, efficient and, above all, sustainable – chemistry that is benign by design.


The Carbon Neutral Laboratory

Designed for the University of Nottingham and built by engineering firm AECOM, the new GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Carbon Neutral Laboratories for Sustainable Chemistry project is a world-first, earning the highest certifications under the BREEAM and LEED standards and driving impressive savings.

The project will allow researchers to develop world-leading sustainable chemistry methodologies from its base on Jubilee Campus, serving as a hub to catalyse new collaborations with industry.

The Carbon Neutral Laboratory and Centre for Sustainable Chemistry will build research capacity and develop Nottingham's ambition to be the UK centre of excellence in this area. Our other priority areas are to:


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