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All research in the Carbon Neutral Laboratory aims for the highest 'clean and green' standards, providing an excellent opportunity for closer collaboration with UK industry and for developing a wide range of collaborative research programmes.

Green Chemicals is one of the University's research Beacons of Excellence, part of the core of our global vision to be recognised as among the very best in the world as we discover cabron-neutral solutions for a sustainable future.

Professor David Amabilino making dyes for organic solar cells and working on sustainable chemical routes

Research themes

  • Generating valuable chemicals from waste and other sustainable feedstocks
  • Pioneering use of new techniques and technologies that minimise energy and maximise reaction efficiency, including flow chemistry, microwave heating and photochemistry.
  • Making vital molecules efficiently by computational modelling of reactions, development of new catalysts and the use of environmentally benign solvents and reagents
  • Developing sustainable materials for the next generation of batteries and photovoltaics
  • Measuring sustainability of chemical processes through life cycle analysis and other tools

Leading the way on green energy

Bringing together our world-leading expertise in synthetic and computational biology, the Green Chemicals beacon is harnessing the power of the genome, reprogramming microorganisms to transform materials at a cellular level. With our extraordinary track-record of industrial collaboration, we are creating a cutting-edge biotechnology platform that will unleash economic potential for our partners and governments. We are already seeing transformational impacts on the agriculture, industry and health sectors.

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