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Research publication for Year in Industry student, James Gibson


Dr Yantao Chen (AstraZeneca, Sweden) and Year in Industryundergraduate, James Gibson, have published a one-pot synthesis ofsulfonimidamides in the Royal Society of Chemistry journal, RSC Advances. Thisstudy provides a new structural modification approach for sulfonamides, whichmight in the future be of benefit drug discovery and development.

Our four-year MSci Chemistry with a Year in Industrydegree gives students an opportunity in their third year to work on a researchproject in a research laboratory of a major chemical company located either inthe UK or mainland Europe where they will be a salaried employee. Thisexperience has proven particularly worthwhile for James Gibson, whose projecton the one-pot synthesis of sulfonimidamides has led to a research publicationin the international peer-reviewed journal RSC Advances.

James says of his experience: 'During my third year Iundertook an industrial placement with AstraZeneca in Mölndal, Sweden. It was areally valuable experience both in terms of improving my practical chemistryand as an exciting opportunity live abroad for a year. I took on an organicmethodology project which was hard work, but ultimately rewarding. I wouldrecommend doing a year in industry placement to anyone who is seriouslyconsidering a career in Chemistry.'

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Posted on Thursday 12th February 2015

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