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Andrew Teale

Professor of Computational and Theoretical Chemistry, Faculty of Science



Dr. Andy Teale graduated from the University of Durham with an M. Chem (Class I, hons) degree in 2003 and obtained a Ph. D. in 2006, under the supervision of Prof. David J. Tozer, for the study of different representations of the exchange interaction of electrons in Kohn--Sham density-functional theory. In 2006 he took up a postdoctoral research position at the University of Oslo, Norway, with Prof. Trygve Helgaker. In 2009 he was appointed as a temporary lecturer at the University of Oslo and then as researcher on a Norwegian research council funded project designed to study chemical phenomena associated with molecules in very strong magnetic fields (MOLMAG). In 2010 he became researcher on the project "ab initio adibatic connection curves for density-functional analysis and construction (ABACUS)" funded by a European Research Council advanced investigator grant awarded to Prof. Trygve Helgaker. In 2011 he was appointed as a Royal Society University Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham and returned to the UK to take up the position in January 2012. In 2016 he was appointed as Assistant Professor in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry in the School of Chemistry, University of Nottingham.

Expertise Summary

Electronic structure method development; Density Functional Theory; ab initio Quantum Chemistry; Molecular Magnetic Properties; Molecules in Strong Magnetic Fields.

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