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We are keen to have students at the forefront of this work to transform the EDI landscape in School of Cultures, Languages and Area Studies (CLAS). These roles will be paid an hourly rate, based on an agreed number of hours per role which can be claimed via Unitemps. In addition, we are offering accreditation in the form of a CLAS EDI Leaders’ Nottingham Advantage Award (NAA) module and, for the Inclusivity Ambassador roles, bespoke masterclasses to assist with the marketing and leadership of their EDI events and campaigns.

Inclusion, by Bradley Huchteman
Help us bring EDI to the forefront of our teaching and learning

Image attribution: Inclusion, by Bradley Huchteman, licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0 

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  • Curriculum Task Force - students to evaluate the inclusivity of CLAS modules.
  • Inclusivity Ambassadors - students to develop CLAS EDI activities and campaigns.
  • School EDI Committee - student representatives on the School committee.
  • Departmental EDI working party - students to work with staff to address departmental issues.

Modern day civil rights movement or not I am still a black British student that faces these realities daily and I would have been a part of this task force in a heart beat because I want people like me to be seen in what they study and with agency.

Rhea, Year 3 (2020/21)

Even though it might seem daunting... Go for it and become that Change.
Mila, Year 3 (2021/22)


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