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Hannah Elledge Prize

Hannah Elledge was an undergraduate student in Politics and American Studies BA at the University of Nottingham, who joined the school in 2010.

She did very well in her work and entered the study abroad element of the degree in 2012, at the University of Charleston. Tragically, Hannah lost her life in a road accident in November of that year.

This prize, for the best performance by a graduating student in Politics and American Studies, honours Hannah, who had a real desire to learn, a vivacious personality, and a wide circle of friends. We would like to acknowledge our gratitude to Hannah's family for sponsoring the prize and for the connections they have maintained with the school since 2012.

Prize winners

  • Joseph Hughes (2022)
  • Andrew Harrison (2021)
  • Stephen Thomas (2020)
  • George Southgate (2019)
  • Elizabeth Fenwick (2018)
  • Bethany McHugh, Erin Anderson (2017)
  • Ellen Wilkinson (2016)
  • Georgina Pearson (2015)
  • Hugo O'Donovan (2014)
A portrait of a smiling Hannah Elledge, she has dyed blonde hair and blue eyes.

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