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Daniele Avitabile 208x277

Daniele Avitabile

Expertise in computational and applied mathematics, complex, spatially-extended dynamical systems and multiscale computations. Recent applications include neural systems and agent-based models. 


Bindi Brook 208x277

Bindi Brook

Expertise in the development and application of biophysical and biomechanical models to problems in multiscale cell-tissue interactions associated with inflammation and immunology, contractile function, growth and remodelling of tissues, with experience of working in large multi-disciplinary teams. 


Steve Coombes 208x277

Steve Coombes

Expertise in the application of principles from nonlinear dynamics and statistical physics to the study of neural systems. 



Etienne Farcot 208x277

Etienne Farcot

Expertise in mathematical modelling of complex systems, using continuous, discrete or hybrid dynamical systems, enjoying collaboration with scientists from various disciplines; recent work includes applications to plant biology, gene and biochemical network behaviour, electronic circuit dynamics.


John King 208x277

John King

Expertise in tumour growth and treatment, bacterial infections, drug delivery, tissue engineering and cell signalling; asymptotic and exact techniques, nonlinear diffusion models, moving boundary problems, thin-film flow, pattern formation in diffusive systems. 


Theo 208x277 

Theo Kypraios

Expertise in developing and applying statistical models and methods to analyse complex datasets; particular emphasis on Bayesian statistics and relevant computational methods as well as medical statistics.



Markus Owen 208x277

Markus Owen

Expertise in the application of nonlinear mathematical models to problems in cell biology, cancer, angiogenesis, immunology, neuroscience, food security and resource sustainability. I use models for single cells, populations and tissues, and a range of tools for mathematical analysis and computer simulation, underpinned by multidisciplinary collaborations.


Ruediger Thul 208x277 

Ruediger Thul

Expertise in the application of techniques from stochastic and non-linear dynamics to questions in computational cell biology and mathematical cell physiology, in particular regarding spatio-temporal signalling processes.


Reuben ODea 208x277

Reuben O'Dea

Expertise in mathematical modelling, computational systems biology, and asymptotic model reduction and analysis; particular emphasis on understanding how interactions across multiple spatio-temporal scales give rise to emergent system dynamics. 



Jonathan Wattis 208x277

Jonathan Wattis

Expertise in general mathematical modelling, nonlinear dynamics, chemical kinetics, metabolism, in cells, tissues or whole organism; also interested in polymerisation and aggregation-fragmentation processes leading to evolving size-distributions. 









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