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Current PhD Students

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Completed PhD Theses

The list below details the completed PhD and MPhil theses by students connected to CMMB. Links are provided where the thesis is accessible in the University's online repository.

Coleman, Matthew (2018) Flux Balance Techniques for Modelling Metabolic Networks and Comparison with Kinetic Models. PhD thesis.

Davis, Joshua (2018) Analysis and dynamics of multiple- spike waves in neural networks. PhD thesis.

Köry, Jakub (2018) Mathematical modelling of nutrient and water uptake by plants. PhD thesis.


Bonilla Quntana, Mayte (2017) Theoretical neuroscience: from long wavelength cortical patterning to spatial navigation. PhD thesis

Byrne, Aine (2017) Next generation neural activity models: bridging the gap between mesoscopic and microscopic brain scales. PhD thesis.

Davies, Jonathan (2017) Sparse regression methods with measurement-error for magnetoencephalography. PhD thesis.

Davis, Ben (2017) Stochastic epidemic models on random networks: casual contacts, clustering and vaccination. PhD thesis.

Genovese de Oliveira, Andrea (2017 Asymptotic and stability analysis of a tumour growth model. PhD thesis.

Gokce, Aytul (2017) The interfacial dynamics of Amari type neural field models on finite domains.    PhD thesis.

Williams, Hannah (2017) Mathematical modelling of metabolic pathways in pig muscle. PhD thesis.


Baker, Michelle (2015) Mathematical modelling of cytokine dynamics in arthritic disease. PhD thesis.

Braun, Wilhelm (2015) First passage dynamics in neuron models with stochastic thresholds. PhD thesis.

Fenton, Georgina (2015) Neural network interactions underlying emotional learning and memory: integrating experimental and theoretical approaches. PhD thesis.

Joshi, Tanvi (2015) Multiscale modelling of cancer growth and therapy. PhD thesis.

Macdougall, Lindsey (2015)  Mathematical modelling of retinal metabolism. PhD thesis.

Modhara, Sunny (2015)  Mathematical modelling of vascular development in zebrafish. PhD thesis.

Xu Xiaoguang (Allen) (2015)  Bayesian nonparametric inference for stochastic epidemic models. PhD thesis.


Hiorns, Jonathan (2014)  Mathematical modelling and imaging of asthmatic airways. PhD thesis.

Korn, Arnd (2014)

Pettitt, Heather (2014) Statistical analysis of computed tomography lung images. PhD thesis.

Pestinger, Valerie (2014) Regulation of one-carbon metabolism in the ovarian follicle and preimplantation embryo. PhD thesis.

Pratt, Adrian (2014) Mathematical modelling of hepatic lipid metabolism. PhD thesis.

Smith, Ruth (2014) Amplitude equations for pattern forming neural systems. PhD thesis.


Antoniou Kourounioti, Rea (2013) LHCII-assisted TiO2 photocatalysis of CO2 to small organic compounds. PhD thesis.

Hirt, Bartholomäus V. (2013)   Mathematical modelling of cell cycle and telomere dynamics. PhD thesis.

Mellor, Nathan (2013) Multiscale modelling of plant hormone signalling: auxin regulated lateral root emergence. PhD thesis.

Pearson, Taliesin (2013) Mathematical modelling of metabolism in humans. PhD thesis.

Prokopiou, Sotiris (2013)  Integrative modelling of angiogenesis in the bovine corpus luteum. PhD thesis.

Verykouki, Eleni (2013)  Stochastic modelling and Bayesian inference for the effect of antimicrobial treatments on transmission and carriage of nosocomial pathogens. PhD thesis.

Wedgwood, Kyle (2013)  Dynamical systems techniques in the analysis of neural systems. PhD thesis.

Worby, Colin J. (2013)  Statistical inference and modelling for nosocomial infections and the incorporation of whole genome sequence data. PhD thesis.


Brown, Laura (2012)  Mathematical models of the gene regulatory networks underlying mesendoderm formation in amphibians. PhD thesis.

Gheorghe, Ana Maria (2012)   Understanding spiking and bursting electrical activity through piece-wise linear systems. PhD thesis.

Haque, Mainul (2012)   Mathematical modelling of eukaryotic stress-response gene networks. PhD thesis.

Jones, Zofia (2012)   Topics in the mathematical modelling of nanotoxicology. PhD thesis.

Majin, Wodu (2012)   Mathematical modelling of GPCR-mediated calcium signalling. PhD thesis.

Panagiotopoulou, V.C. (2012)  A theoretical and experimental study of cell membrane electrostatics and transport. MPhil thesis.

Schmidt, Helmut (2012) Interface dynamics in 2D neural field models. PhD thesis.


Barrack, Duncan (2010)  Modelling cell cycle entrainment during cortical brain development. PhD thesis.

Bergmann, Daniel (2010)  Genetic network modelling and inference. PhD thesis.

Duduială, Ciprian Ionut (2010)   Stochastic nonlinear models of DNA breathing at a defect. PhD thesis.

Hlinka, Jaroslav (2010) Analysis of resting state brain activity. PhD thesis.

Laudanski, Jonathan  (2010) Neural processing of sound in the auditory system. PhD thesis.

White, Simon Richard (2010)  Stochastic epidemics conditioned on their final outcome. PhD thesis.


Kunpasuruang, Wannapa (2009)  Mathematical modelling of rod photoreceptor metabolism. MPhil thesis.

Lamb, Angharad (2009)  Mathematical modelling of the biological stress response to chronium. PhD thesis.

Schamberg, Sabine (2009)  Modelling planar cell polarity in Drosophila melanogaster. PhD thesis.

Stamper, Johanna (2009) Approaches to modelling angiogenesis and vasculogenesis in solid tumours. PhD thesis.

Svensson, Carl-Magnus (2009)  Dynamics of spatially extended dendrites. PhD thesis.

Venkov, Nikola (2009) Dynamics of neural field models. PhD thesis.

Walter, Alexander (2009)  A Comparison of Continuum and Cell-based Models of Colorectal Cancer. PhD thesis.

Jenkins, Robert (2008) Deterministic and stochastic modelling of chemical and biochemical reaction kinetics. PhD thesis.

Mirams, Gary R. (2008)   Subcellular phenomena in colorectal cancer. PhD thesis.

O'Dea, Reuben (2008)   Multiphase modelling of tissue growth in dynamic culture conditions. PhD thesis.

Reboux, Sylvain (2008) Mathematical modelling of cell adhesion mechanisms. PhD thesis.

Spencer, Simon (2008)   Stochastic epidemic models for emerging diseases. PhD thesis.

Woollard, Hannah (2008) Multiscale modelling of solute transport and uptake in a wavy-walled channel. PhD thesis.

Zachariou, Margarita (2008) Neurobiology of sensory gating: a neural network study. PhD thesis.

Band, Leah (2007) Contributions to the mathematical description of arterial wall remodelling due to atherosclerosis. PhD thesis.

Brignell, Christopher (2007)  Shape analysis and statistical modelling in brain imaging. PhD thesis.

Handley, Kelly  (2007) Statistical analysis of proteomic mass spectrometry data. PhD thesis.

Jabbari, Sara (2007) Mathematical modelling of quorum sensing and its inhibition in staphylococcus aureus. PhD thesis.

Middleton, Alistair (2007). PhD thesis.

Pearson, Anita (2007) AFM investigation of single molecule force measurements. PhD thesis. 

Green, Edward  (2006) Mathematical modelling of cell aggregation in liver tissue engineering. PhD thesis.

Perez-Velazquez, Judith  (2006) Singular and regular travelling waves in tumour encapsulation. PhD thesis.

Preston, Simon (2006) Mathematical models of cell motility, proliferation, and mechanics. PhD thesis.

Wang, Xue  (2006) Empirical Bayes block shrinkage for wavelet regression. PhD thesis.

Alshabani, Ali  (2005) Statistical analysis of human movement data. PhD thesis.

King, Andrew (2005) The effects of surface tension and gravity on a liquid film lining a tube. PhD thesis.

Clarke, Richard  (2005) Hydrodynamics of the atomic force microscope. PhD thesis. 

Maltsev, Eugene (2005) Mathematical modelling of DNA charge neutralisation. PhD thesis.

Woodroffe, Peter (2005) Mathematical modelling of cell signalling. PhD thesis.

Amaral, Getulio (2004) Bootstrap and empirical likelihood methods in statistical shape analysis. PhD thesis.

Weekley, Susan Jill (2004)  Particle dynamics in liquid-lined lung airways. PhD thesis.

Demiris, Nikolaos (2004)  Bayesian Inference for Stochastic Epidemic Models using Markov chain Monte Carlo Methods. PhD thesis.

Finn, Matt  (2003) Some studies of fluid mixing and transport. PhD thesis.

Neville, Alexandra (2003) Biomedical modelling incorporating growth. PhD thesis.

Wilson, Duncan (2003) The mathematical modelling of cell growth in a porous scaffold. PhD thesis.

Norris, Eleanor (2002) Modelling the growth of avascular tumours and their response to chemotherapy. PhD thesis.

Franks, Susan (2001) Mathematical modelling of tumour growth and stability. PhD thesis.

Neal, Peter (2001) Epidemics with two levels of mixing. PhD thesis.



Selected earlier theses

Pre-2001-completion, PhD students were not affiliated to the CMMB as it only came into being in 1998. However, various theses in statistical topics of relevance were completed prior to this time:

Clancy, Damian (1993) Epidemic models in heterogeneous populations. PhD thesis.

O'Neill, Phil (1993) Contributions to the theory of stochastic epidemic models. PhD thesis.

Grieve, Andy (1992) Implementation of Bayesian methods in the pharmaceutical industry. PhD thesis.

Wakefield, Jonathan (1992) The Bayesian analysis of pharmacokinetic models. PhD thesis.

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