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Dr Yorgos Tzimiropoulos has had his EPSRC First Grant Proposal accepted

Dr Tzimiropoulos's proposal is to develop computational tools for monitoring animals and their behaviour in the field of animal health and welfare. Aside the emotional value that they may have to people, animals are also important to the society and the economy, and developing such tools will be a big, transformative step with direct impact on all these areas. Towards this end, F.D.M.A. will develop novel tools for detecting and tracking animal facial behaviour, and in particular, for learning and fitting facial deformable models of animals to unconstrained images/video. Besides animal health and welfare, the Computer Vision tools to be developed by F.D.M.A. can be used to facilitate research in other scientific disciplines, such as Animal Behaviour, Vision and Robotics.



Posted on Monday 9th March 2015

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