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Honorary Fellowship Awarded

Dr Alan Chamberlain, a Senior Researcher Fellow in the Department of Computer Science has been awarded an Honorary Fellowship by the University of Nottingham in the Music Department. 2019 saw Dr Chamberlain Chair the Audio Mostly Conference, a partnership between Computer Science and the Music Department which saw the two departments come together to host the international event at the University of Nottingham, as part of the £5.2 Million FAST project.

 Composer  in Wales

Dr Chamberlain said, “It’s fantastic to be part of a university who see the importance of interdisciplinary research and who are leading the way in this respect. Last year the Audio Mostly conference was a real success. We were able to involve a range of staff who did a truly amazing job. This meant that we were able to have a global reach, involve industry and create Impact Acceleration opportunities, as well as giving early career researcher key roles in the conference”. 

Dr Chamberlain was also awarded a prestigious Researcher in Residence award by the EPSRC. This fellowship has allowed him to work with the Digital Catapult in order to start to understand the role that AI and algorithmic content generation has in Music Creation. This week two of his accepted pieces played at the International Conference on Creativity and Computing 2020 – these can be seen below.

Flow 1 -
Flow 2 -

Dr Chamberlain is a Visiting Professor at the Copenhagen Business School, Composer in Residence at The Computational Foundry. He is working with a Hong Kong based composer on a VR Opera, and researchers at the University of Queensland with an exciting touch-based digital performance technology. He has recently released two albums of work, which also include AI & Algorithmic inspired compositions. These can be heard on Spotify:

The Loss of One
Voices from the Past
Posted on Tuesday 22nd September 2020

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