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HackSoc Win at StudentHack Manchester

This weekend was StudentHack, Europe's biggest student run hackathon with 200 attendees, held at Manchester Metropolitan University. HackSoc turned up with our biggest ever group, 27 students, representing over 10% of the total attendees. We had a wide range of students, from freshers' to 2nd year PhD students, and 15 of our hackers were first timers, this being their first hack. We had 4 teams in total, out of which 3 made it into the finals with their hacks. And most importantly, one of our teams won the grand prize! 

The team comprised of Kyle Arch, Martin Porcheron (Horizon CDT), Adam Gask, Raffi Tamizan (3rd year CS) and Gregor Engelmann (Human Geo masters), and they won the grand prize (which was a huge trophy, which currently lives in the Horizon CDT, 6 months supply of chocolate, 4 months netflix, 4 months spotify and github silver).  The judging panel was made up of several local developers and hackathon organisers, as well as some notables such as Jordan Poulton of Apprentice fame. 

The live blog of the event is here and has several photos of the winners and more details.

Posted on Friday 14th February 2014

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