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KTP Grant Awarded to Dr Landa-Silva and Dr Daniel Soria

Dr Dario Landa-Silva and Dr Daniel Soria have been awarded a KTP grant for a project combining optimisation and data analytics for business intelligence. The project “Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics with Optimisation for Business Intelligence” in collaboration with PXtech Ltd,  will seek to enable the development of predictive and prescriptive analytics with optimisation capability to maintain PXtech leading industry position as a Business Intelligence Solution provider through the application of advanced data analysis, data mining, machine learning, modelling and optimisation techniques. The project will develop techniques to predict future outcomes in order to prescribe long-term planning that aligns with the market needs. Predictive and prescriptive analytics including optimisation will help a business to discover patterns and develop new models to predict (resulting in deeper insights) and prescribe (resulting in better planning), in order to improve business performance. This KTP project will have a duration of 33 months and has a total cost of £ 207,551 with £ 139,059 from Innovate UK and £ 68,492 from PXtech. Dr Landa-Silva will be acting as the academic lead and Dr Daniel Soria as the project supervisor in this exciting new collaboration with PXtech.

Posted on Wednesday 6th July 2016

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