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Summer revamp planned for main Computer Science lab


The proposed new look for A32

A clean, new look for A32

The School of Computer Science's main terminal room will be renovated over the Summer.

A32's overhaul includes transforming the central bank of computers into a collaborative work area with powerpoints enabling students to use their own equipment. This new collaboration area will be flanked by two banks of ergonomic workstations, each with its own PC, monitor and additional power-points.

To operate alongside the projector screen, students will benefit from repeater screens on either side of the columns in the centre of the lab. 

Other refurbishments include modern light fittings and ceiling rafts to improve acoustics in the lab. The terminal room will also benefit from fresh new carpeting and contemporary decoration.

The following links will take you to a full size plan of A32 and an example of the furnishings that are to be installed in A32.

Posted on Wednesday 4th March 2015

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