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Adrian Hazzard

Research Fellow, Faculty of Science


Research Summary

Adrian is currently engaged on the following research projects:

[1] Fusing Semantic and Audio Technologies for Intelligent Music Production and Consumption (FAST) EPSRC project (EP/L019981/1).

The project brings the very latest technologies to bear on the complete industry, end-to-end, producer to consumer, making the production process more fruitful, the consumption process more engaging, and the delivery and intermediation more automated and robust. It addresses 3 premises: (i) that Semantic Web technologies should be deployed throughout the content value chain from producer to consumer; (ii) that advanced signal processing should be employed in the content production phases to extract "pure" features of perceptual significance and represent these in standard vocabularies; (iii) that this combination of semantic technologies and content-derived metadata leads to advantages (and new products and services) at many points in the value chain, from recording studio to end-user (listener) devices and applications.

[2] Heritage & The Digital Research Priority Area Grant (University of Nottingham):

To establish a vibrant new inter-faculty collaboration at the intersection of music and technology that engages archival materials and new modes of archiving live performance. This bid is a timely response to new appointments in the Department of Music with experience of and links to technology in music performance and composition; an emerging research agenda in human-computer interaction applied to music in School of Computer Science (Mixed Reality Lab); and investment in state of the art music and technology resources in both faculties. This emerging relationship seeks to establish new interdisciplinary research activities across the university and beyond.

[3] The Horizon CDT Impact Grant (RUCK Grant No. EP/G037574/1):

To support the continuation of prior research on locative audio and music leading to impactful engagements. Engage industry professionals in the exploration and creation of prototype examples to extended existing research.

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