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I am researching people's sense of belonging in social networks as well as their experiences of loneliness in digital and offline settings as a part of my PhD with Horizon Centre For Doctoral Training. The project is funded by the Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council (EPSRC).

Prior to undertaking my PhD with Horizon CDT, I obtained a BA in Spanish Studies and Psychology at Lancaster University; and a MRes in Experimental Psychology with Data Science at the University of Manchester. Additionally, I spent a year abroad at UIC Barcelona, where I studied Audiovisual Communication as a part of my degree at Lancaster University.

I worked as a research assistant on a number of research projects involving human behaviour, language and digital footprints at Lancaster University.

My research interests include: human behaviour, language analysis, digital media, data science and social network dynamics.

Research Summary

"Somewhere I belong" - The role of embeddedness in social networks in people's digital and offline experiences of loneliness.

My PhD topic focuses on understanding people's cross-sectional experiences of loneliness on social media, as well as in the real world. Using a mixed-methods approach, the project aims to explore people's sense of belonging within their social groups, both digitally and offline. The aim is to map out the structures of their social networks and gain an insight into the dynamics therein. The purpose of this is to obtain a shape of these structures, in order to check for similarities and differences across social groups. Additionally, the project aims to gain an understanding of people's subjective experiences of loneliness in order to determine any emerging patterns and themes. This is to allow for a tailored approach to loneliness-associated mental health interventions that will help to improve the wellbeing of the general public.

Proposed methodology includes: social network analysis; as well as quantitative and qualitative language analysis of digital and interview data.

Keywords: social networks, social network analysis, loneliness, human behaviour, digital footprints, embeddedness, social relationships

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