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Gisela Reyes Cruz

Transitional Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science



I am a Transitional Assistant Professor at the School of Computer Science since November 2023.

I have been a member of the Mixed Reality Lab since 2018; first as a PhD Student, and later on as a Research Fellow (2022).

I completed an M.Sc. in Human Computer Interaction at the University of Nottingham (2016), and a B.Sc. in Computer Systems Engineering at the Pachuca Institute of Technology (2013).

I have also worked in industry for software development companies and clients in Mexico and United States (2014-2015 & 2017-2018).

Teaching Summary

I am supervising HCI master's dissertation projects on HRI topics during summer 2024.


In the past, I have provided teaching support for the modules: Human-AI Interaction (COMP3074), Design Ethnography (COMP4017), Code First: Girls (Python basics), Mobile Device Programming (G53MDP), Code First: Girls (Web development), and Mixed Reality Technologies (G54MRT)

Research Summary

I am part of the Trustworthy Autonomous Systems (TAS) Hub and Responsible AI UK research programmes.

I research Human Computer Interaction (HCI) and Human Robot Interaction (HRI). As part of the TAS Hub, I have been investigating collaboration with, trust in, and public acceptance of, a range of autonomous and robotic systems; from mobile apps that have, or may have, a component that works autonomously, to robots that can navigate a physical space on their own, such as telepresence robots.

My research interests also include fine-grained analysis of interaction (using ethnomethodology and conversation analysis), accessibility and social-justice oriented HCI. My doctoral work presented a design critique of how disability is framed in technology design and provided a framework for centring the competencies and participation of visually impaired people in HCI research and design.

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