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Milena Radenkovic

Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science


Research Summary

My research interest spans the areas of cognitive, self organised, opportunistic networks and systems that are agile and adaptive to users' demands and dynamic patterns of the underlying mobile ad… read more

Recent Publications

  • M. H. REHMANI, M. REISSLEIN, A. RACHEDI, M. EROL-KANTARCI and M. RADENKOVIC, 2018. Integrating Renewable Energy Resources into the Smart Grid: Recent Developments in Information and Communication Technologies IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics. PP(99), 1-1
  • ADAM WALKER and MILENA RADENKOVIC, 2017. GPSR-TARS: Congestion Aware Geographically Targeted Remote Surveillance for VANETs In: 2017 IEEE International Conference on Selected Topics in Mobile and Wireless Networking (MoWNeT).
  • VU SAN HA HUYNH and MILENA RADENKOVIC, 2017. A Novel Cross-layer Framework For Large Scale Emergency Communications In: 2017 IEEE International Wireless Communications and MobileComputing Conference (IWCMC).
  • MILENA RADENKOVIC and VU SAN HA HUYNH, 2017. Collaborative Cognitive Content Dissemination and Query in Heterogeneous Mobile Opportunistic Networks In: The 23rd Annual International Conference on Mobile Computing and Networking, MobiCom 2017, 3rd Workshop on Experiences with the Design and Implementation of Smart Objects. (In Press.)

Current Research

My research interest spans the areas of cognitive, self organised, opportunistic networks and systems that are agile and adaptive to users' demands and dynamic patterns of the underlying mobile ad hoc communications. End devices are capable of learning, predicting the patterns of behaviour of other devices and resources, and dynamically sharing the resources. I am interested in a number of open research questions such as improving energy efficiency, designing new and more efficient data dissemination and routing protocols and new adaptive security and privacy techniques for data transmission in such environments.

Past Research

Dr Radenkovic is based in the Mixed Reality Lab working on the MyGrid e-science project that aims to design, develop and demonstrate higher level functionalities over an existing Grid infrastructure that support scientists in making use of complex distributed resources. Her PhD research was concerned with the design and realization of large scale adaptive audio services for environments that actively support collaboration and natural audio communication between large number of simultaneous users. Distributed Partial Mixing was proposed as a new approach to distributed audio support that performs flexible management of audio streams at multiple points in the network in order to decrease network requirements as well as provide different levels of audio fidelity. The concept of Distributed Partial Mixing was the subject of a patent application by British Telecom (Patent Application Number GB 01-03595, April 2000). The international patent was successfully granted in 2002 under the publication number WO 02/17579. Dr Radenkovic's current research focuses on designing and building services for supporting domain-specific scientific collaboration over the newly emerging heterogeneous Grids. She has been designing a conceptual framework for scientific collaboration that also includes building metadata-driven portal, user proxy and e-Science gateways that interact with a wide range of database services, bioinformatics services, ontology and metadata services, notification service and workflow engine services. Her more recent research objectives focus on designing a network management and multimedia resource virtualisation support layer in heterogeneous Grids that is essential for the operation of the middleware services that support collaboration (such as those developed within myGrid). For many years she has contributed to a variety of projects including: Network Architectures for Inhabited-TV, Multimedia Networking for Inhabited-TV, eRENA, HIVE, myGrid.

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