School of Computer Science - Vision

In recent years, the School has been characterised by growth in student numbers, together with rising entry tariff, for both undergraduate and postgraduate cohorts. This student growth, in conjunction with excellent performance in attracting external research income, places the School in a very strong financial position, with the opportunity for expansion of its research and teaching staff base. This latest recruitment constitutes part of a planned strategic expansion of the School which began in 2019, and has seen the School invest heavily both in staff appointments and in associated infrastructure, including laboratory space and equipment.

The School has exceptional, world-leading presence in a number of key areas of Computer Science, particularly including artificial intelligence, computer vision, functional programming and human-computer interaction. We are seeking ambitious and talented staff, at all points in their career path, to complement our existing strengths, to further enhance teaching excellence and to extend our research capacity. We are seeking people from all backgrounds, including those with excellent teaching skills, with career pathways available to full Professor for those with a teaching and learning focus.

School Vision

The School has strong inter-disciplinary focus, with research projects and relationships across the institution. The University has recently invested in six cross-Faculty research Beacons of Excellence, all of which involve the School to some extent. Whilst individuals (or research groups) with expertise to strengthen these Beacon areas are welcomed, we are also interested to recruit people who can extend our  current research in novel and innovative directions. Strong relationships between the research groups within the School is also a feature of CS at Nottingham.

Not only are we interested in exploring novel techniques, algorithms and methods of interaction within all aspects of Computer Science as a discipline, but also we seek to create novel deployments of computer systems across disciplinary boundaries and novel ways for computer scientists to interact with non-CS colleagues.


The strategic expansion of the School includes expanding our activities in Cyber Physical Systems, incorporating Embodied Intelligence, Robotics, Internet of Things, Cybersecurity, and other aspects of embedded systems, in a wide range of application areas including consumer devices, intelligent manufacturing through to the creative industries.

This expansion will include both staff recruitment, and expansion and refurbishment of our physical spaces, including investment in two major new laboratory facilities (in cybersecurity and robotics). Our expansion also provides for recruitment of staff in exciting new areas across Computer Science to complement our existing strengths.

We believe that world-class, multidisciplinary and diverse teams will deliver the highest quality teaching, research and student experience. Our vision as a School is to be highly rated in all areas; for Research and Knowledge Exchange, Education and Student Experience. We are equally committed to creating opportunities for people from groups traditionally under-represented in the field of Computer Science and therefore the ability to relate to and mentor students and colleagues within an increasingly ethnically and gender diverse community is essential.

We look forward to you joining us and helping to develop Computer Science at Nottingham in new and exciting directions.