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Flavian War and Autocracy in Context


Date and Time

Thursday 15 September 2016
9am to 6pm


Machicado Suite, Willoughby Hall, 
University Park Campus


£20 Delegate
£10 Student 

If you have any questions, please email Helen Lovatt.


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Conference overview

This conference aims to bring members of the Flavian literature network into dialogue with others working in and around the Flavian period, particularly historians and material culture experts.

It also aims to generate dialogue between those working on Greek and Latin literature. The Flavian period is characterised by a new episode of recovery from civil war, and a hardening of the imperial system. How do the Flavians achieve reconciliation and how does the Flavian imperial system operate? How does civil war and reconciliation compare to that in other periods? How are war and power represented and how do these representations differ in Rome and elsewhere, in this period and other related periods?



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