Hephaestus Forge

Skilled Labour and Professionalism in Ancient Greece and Rome


Date and Time

Wed 29 – Thur 30 June 2016
9am to 5.30pm both days


Room LG140, Hallward Library
University Park Campus


Full delegate, 2 days - £30
Full delegate, 1 day - £20
Student delegate, 2 days - £20
Student delegate, 1 day - £10


Keynote speaker

  • Edward Harris (Durham): Professions and occupations in classical Greece

Confirmed speakers

  • David Lewis (Edinburgh)
  • Edmund Stewart (Nottingham)
  • Brenda Griffith Williams (UCL)
  • Amedeo Raschieri (Milan)
  • Marek Vercík (Munich)
  • Nadja Melko (Zurich)
  • Jordi Pérez González (Barcelona)
  • Natacha Massar (Royal Museum of Art and History, Brussels)
  • Jonathan Scott Perry (South Florida)
  • Helle Hochschied (University College Roosevelt, Utrecht)
  • Ben Russell (Edinburgh)
  • Alice Landskron (Vienna)
  • James Lloyd (Reading)
  • Mary Harlow (Leicester) 
  • Fanny Opdenhoff (Heidelburg)
  • Elizabeth Buchanan (Oxford) 
  • Charlotte Van Regenmortel (Leicester)
  • Doug Lee (Nottingham) 

Is this for you?

This conference will aim to study the overall phenomenon of ancient
professionalism in multiple forms and across a wide range of periods. 

The event is intended to appeal to those interested in:

  • the history of work and labour
  • its organisation and impact on the ancient economy and society

Conference overview

The Greeks and Romans recognised the importance of skill (technē/ars) and were aware a body of skilled workers existed.

In many cases workers offered their skills in exchange for coin or kind. Are these workers professionals and, if so, what does that mean in the context of the ancient world?

We will try to assess whether ‘professionals’ existed in antiquity, and whether the term ‘professionalism’ is useful for studying the ancient economy and society.

This event has been generously supported by the following:

  • The Classical Association
  • The Institute of Classical Studies
  • The Nottingham-Leicester Ancient History Fund
  • The University of Nottingham Faculty of Arts  
  • The International Collaboration Fund 


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