1918 and its Legacy: In the Shadow of Empire and War
9:30-10 Arrival 
 10-10:15 Introduction and Welcome

Panel 1: Law, Lawlessness and History at the Margins

Chair: David Laven (Nottingham)

Commentator: Klaus Richter (Birmingham) 

  • Matthew Stibbe (Sheffield Hallam) - Internment Camps in Germany and Austria-Hungary
  • Sarah Badcock (Nottingham) - Crime and Disorder in Russia, 1917
  • Jakub Benes (Birmingham) - The Green Cadres and Peasant Protest in 1918
 11:45-12  Break

Panel 2: Visions of a New World

Chair: Jakub Benes (Birmingham) 

Commentator: Jonathan Kwan (Nottingham)

  • Jan Vermeiren (East Anglia) - Visions of a New Europe
  • Nick Baron (Nottingham) - Creating the New Soviet 'Man' and 'Woman'
  • Markian Prokopyvch (Durham) - Architecture in Post-WWI Vienna
 13:30-14:30 Lunch

Panel 3: Building States in Post-WWI Europe

Chair: Maiken Umbach (Nottingham)

Commentator: Christoph Mick (Warwick)

  • Ewa Ochmann (Manchester) - Historical Continuity and Discontinuity: Narratives of the Polish Soviet War, 1919-1920 and the Changing Landscape of Polish-Russian Relations
  • Julia Secklehner (Birmingham) - Fragmenting the Cntre: Austrian Art after 1918
  • Matthew Rampley (Birmingham) - Museums in the Successor States of Austria-Hungary
16:00-16:30 Break

Concluding Roundtable:

Chairs: Jonathan Kwan (Nottingham) and Klaus Richter (Birmingham)

Maiken Umbach (Nottingham) and Katalin Straner (Southampton) 




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