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The University Counselling Service has created the following podcasts for download, each of which covers an important topic.

About Groups and Workshops

A podcast covering groups and workshops - the advantages of coming to one and how they work.

About Groups and Workshops PDF transcript

About Groups and Workshops Word transcript

Fight or Flight Response

A podcast talking about the physiological response triggered when we feel strong emotions.

Fight or Flight Response PDF transcript

Fight or Flight Response Word transcript



A podcast about practical mindfulness techniques to enhance relationships and health.

Mindfulness PDF transcript

Mindfulness Word transcript

Progressive Muscle Relaxation

A podcast of a guided exercise to help manage anxiety and relax through breathing techniques.

Progressive Muscle Relaxation PDF transcript

Progressive Muscle Relaxation Word transcript


Relaxation Breathing

A podcast of a guided relaxation exercise using breathing techniques to improve health and wellbeing.

Relaxation Breathing PDF transcript

Relaxation Breathing Word transcript 









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