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Extenuating circumstances

The University Counselling Service would not normally provide evidence if a student has not had previous contact with the service. The full guidelines on the University's Policy on Circumstances Affecting Students' Ability to Study and Complete Assessments are available.  The full guidelines on the University's policy around extenuating circumstances for students are available.

Exceptional Regulations for Summer 19/20

Applying for extenuating circumstances

To apply for extenuating circumstances you need to fill in an extenuating circumstances form, obtainable from a student service centre, and return it within seven working days. You will usually need written evidence of your claim for extenuating circumstances. Acceptable evidence can be provided by a personal tutor, hall warden, a member of student support staff, the examinations officer or the school manager. 

If you have a medical problem and you have seen your GP, they may be able to to provide you with medical evidence. If this is the case, you don't need another letter from us.

Students may not submit the same extenuating circumstances covering more than one semester except where they have accessed appropriate support to manage the circumstances but there is an unexpected acute episode at a particularly significant time.

When will the University Counselling Service provide evidence?

The University Counselling Service is unlikely to provide evidence if you have had no prior engagement with the service.

We may be able to offer written evidence in the following circumstances:

  • You are suffering from a long-term illness and have had contact with the service as part of your management of this illness. In this instance, we can provide a letter confirming the nature of the illness and the likely impact it is having on the student's ability to undertake formal assessment and/or study
  • You are suffering from acute personal or emotional circumstances and have had contact with the service to help deal with this. In this instance, we could provide a letter confirming the circumstances and likely impact. Please note: some level of stress around examinations is normal, and would not be considered to be an acceptable extenuating circumstance. However, this does not mean that stress is never an acceptable circumstance, but you will probably be better off seeking medical advice from your GP
  • You have been the victim of crime and have had contact with the service to help deal with this. In this instance, we could provide a letter confirming the impact of the reported crime.

The evidence we provide is a confidential letter, usually to your personal tutor, who will then pass it on as part of the extenuating circumstances process. Only information you agree to be disclosed will be included in this letter.

At certain times of the year, when the service experiences particularly high demand, we may not be able to supply supporting evidence within the required time frame. If this is the case, we will make you aware of this likely delay, and recommend you seek evidence from another service.

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