CONCEPT workshop on J.S Mill and Socialism

A09 Highfield House, University Park
Monday 15th January 2018 (13:30-17:30)
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The Centre for Normative Political Theory (CONCEPT) will be hosting a half-day workshop on the opening three chapters of Helen McCabe's book manuscripts on J.S Mill and Socialism.

This book takes seriously Mill's self-description as 'under the general designation of Socialist'[1], and re-interprets Mill's work in the light of this avowal. What did Mill mean when he said this? And what implications does that have for our understanding of a man most famous for writing On Liberty, and who remains a canonical figure in liberalism? In the proposed volume, I explore Mill’s core commitments to egalitarianism, social justice, social harmony and a socialist 'utopia' of cooperation, fairness and human flourishing.

In so doing, I cast new light on his political theory, including his theory of social progress; his support for democracy; his feminism; his concept of utility; his understanding of 'individuality'; and his account of 'the permanent interests of man as a progressive being'[2] which is so central to his famous 'harm principle'. Moreover, this exploration casts light on meanings of 'socialism' other than what modern readers usually understand by the term, and points to interesting and attractive avenues not yet explored in terms of improving human society and overcoming the injustice and suffering caused by capitalism.

The workshop will begin with a lunch for all attending. Please inform Katy Harrison of any dieatry requirements.

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