Centre for Research into Ideas and the Study of Political Ideologies


The research activity of CRISPI is organised around three workstreams:

The idea of political theory ‘in the vernacular’ ties these separate streams together and provides a platform for research collaboration, institutional identity and the generation of impact.

Projects undertaken by members of CRISPI


Can the Centre Hold? The Middle Ground from the French Revolution to Today

Funder: Mercatus
PI: Dr Hugo Drochon
Duration: Ends September 2023

Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen both reject the left-right divide in French politics, either claiming to incarnate it 'en même temps', or being beyond it. They propose new oppositions: for Macron, progressives vs. reactionaries, for Le Pen, patriots vs. globalists. Both refuse to acknowledge the other's new framework or their respective place in it. What consequences for our understanding of history and contemporary politics of seeing political dynamics not through a left/right divide but a centre/extremes one?

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Lobbying for Riders' Rights in a Changing Transport Landscape

Funder: Economic and Social Research Council Impact Accelerator Account
PI: Professor Mathew Humphrey
Duration: January - June 2022

Professor Mathew Humphrey collaborates with the Motorcycle Action Group and RideTo Motorcycle Training on this impact project to understand the motivations and aspirations of new riders of powered two-wheel (PTW) transport.


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Tackling Antisemitism in the US and the UK

Funder: Institute for Human Studies
PI: Dr Hugo Drochon; Co investigators: Professor Maiken Umbach and Dr Annemarie Walter 
Duration: Ends August 2023

This project seeks to develop the first scientifically validated questionnaire to correctly measure levels of antisemitism in the US and the UK, to better understand it so as to better combat it.


What Data? What Happens? Barriers to Generating Evidence-Based Policy to End Honour-Based Abuse

Funder: British Academy
Principal Investigator: Dr Helen McCabe
Duration: February 2023-January 2024

This project is a British Academy Innovation Fellowship in partnership with Karma Nirvana, a leading charity who run the national helpline for honour-based abuse (HBA). It seeks to map key stakeholders who are, and who should be, collecting data on HBA; identify and share best-practice in data-gathering; recognise barriers to effective knowledge-exchange faced by stakeholders; and co-develop ways to overcome them. 


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