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Dean Blackburn

Lecturer in Modern British History, Faculty of Arts


Expertise Summary

My research explores political ideologies and their histories. I am particularly interested in the way that ideologies bestow meaning upon the concepts that we use to understand and describe the world around us.

Teaching Summary

HIST2037 History and Politics

HIST3075 The Rise and Fall of Thatcherism

HIST4058 Past Futures: Reimagining the Twentieth Century.

HIST4019 Exploring English Identities

'Learning from the Past: A Guide for the Curious Researcher' (Online Open Course)

Research Summary

Time and Chance: The Politics of Temporality in Modern Britain, 1945-2008

I am working on a book project about the politics of time. Drawing upon examples from the post-war period, the book will trace changes in the way that policy makers and intellectuals thought about temporal concepts like progress, decline and crisis.

This project is funded by a British Academy Small Grant.

Selected Publications

Past Research

Past Research

In 2020, I published a monograph that explored the political publishing of Penguin Books. Using the publisher's books as a way of tracing political ideas, it claims that the three decades after the Second World War might be best understood as a 'meritocratic moment' in Britain's political development.

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