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Mathew Humphrey

Professor of Political Theory, Faculty of Social Sciences



Professor of Political Theory and Co-Director, Centre for the Study of Political Ideologies.

Expertise Summary

I teach across three different areas of political theory. Firstly with regard to the theory of environmental politics, secondly on analytical political philosophy and theories of justice, and finally on theories of ideology.

Modules taught include:

M14125/M14225 Justice Beyond Borders

M13086 Global Justice

M13125 Nature, Ecology, and Political Thought

M13011 Theories of Ideology

M12013 Anglo-American Political Philosophy

M14108/M14109 The Politics of Climate Change

Research Summary

My main area of research is in political theory and the environment, with a subsidiary interest in theories of ideology. The most recent work in the former field is a book published in 2007 with… read more

Recent Publications

Current Research

My main area of research is in political theory and the environment, with a subsidiary interest in theories of ideology. The most recent work in the former field is a book published in 2007 with Routledge, Ecological Politics and Democratic Theory. My 2002 book with OUP, Preservation versus the People? argues for a transcendence of the ecocentric/anthropocentric split in environmental ethics. I have edited a special issue of 'Environmental Politics' on political theory and the environment, and more recently a special issue of 'Critical Review of International Social and Political Philosophy' with Michael Freeden and Gayil Talshir, entitled 'Taking Ideology Seriously: 21st Century Reconfigurations'

Current Research Projects

I have, with my colleagues Professor Michael Freeden (SPIR) and Professor Maiken Umbach (History), recently launched the Centre for the Study of Political Ideologies (CSPI) at the University of Nottingham. Viewing ideology as neither (necessarily) a form of false consciousness, nor as rigid, doctrinaire political thinking, but rather as a term for structured patterns of political concepts that help people to make sense of the world around them, we are engaged with a number of research projects relating to 'vernacular' forms of political thinking. This includes comparative work with colleagues in the USA, China, and Malaysia. Prof. Umbach and I are currently co-authoring work on the concept of 'authenticity' in political discourse.

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