Centre for the Study of Political Ideologies

Centre Activities

The activities of the centre reflect the:

  • cultural, historical and anthropological relocation of the study of ideologies in detailed empirical evidence
  • extension of the compass of ideologies beyond the big ideological families towards fragmented, segmented and new ideologies as well as towards diverse vernacular forms
  • emphasis on their rich semantic fluidity and multiple significances that are available for decoding
  • focus on conceptual and morphological features of ideologies
  • embracing of non-textual instances (visual, aural, and even of silences) that have opened up ideological studies to exciting new possibilities

The thought-practices of human beings relating to the social and political sphere constitute a significant and crucial aspect of what individuals and collectivities actually engage in on a daily basis. They cannot be treated as externalities to institutional procedures or sociological 'facts', but interpenetrate the knowledge gleaned from those disciplines and are embedded in such practices. One cannot understand a society without keeping a finger on the pulse of the ideas it harbours as part and parcel of its make-up and dynamics.

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