Centre for the Study of Political Ideologies


The study of political thought is undergoing crucial change. While normative and prescriptive political theory will always play a role, as will its grand history, engagement with the actual forms of political thinking that societies exhibit is a rapidly growing area of research, which has important potential implications for our understandings of how institutions, cultures, and individuals interact and shape political outcomes.

Alongside the more traditional preoccupation with political philosophy, that is, there is a growing interest in political ideologies, and in how 'everyday', vernacular political ideas flow through, across, and between different historical and social contexts, and become embodied in concrete forms of life.

As a result, new spaces for interdisciplinary dialogue are opening up, and the University of Nottingham's Centre for the Study of Political Ideologies seeks to promote, facilitate, and communicate interdisciplinary research in this area.

One of the key ambitions for CSPI is to foster the development of an active international network of researchers working in the area of political ideologies.

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