Sparta and the Internet

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Thursday 18th February 2021 (17:00-18:00)
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Pencil drawing of a bearded man dressed in a robe and helmet frowning in confusion at a laptop on a table in front of him

Sparta and the Internet (copyright: Dr Roel Konijnendijk)

Sparta and the Internet: the ups and downs of public history online

Join leading academics for a discussion about Sparta and the Internet

Discussions of the Spartans, their history and culture, are prolific on the internet. From chatrooms to message boards, YouTube videos to viral memes, the Spartans are everywhere - along with a strong and pervasive image of what they were like.

As historians, what is our role within these discussions?
Should we be correcting errors as they appear?
How can we balance nurturing a public interest in Spartan history, with correcting falsehoods and misconceptions?
And how open are wider audiences to our input when it challenges their beliefs?

This session will focus on the experiences of public historians trying to engage in the online discourse of Sparta.

All are very welcome. Free to attend. 



The event will be hosted on Microsoft Teams via a link that will be shared here prior to the event. Simply follow the link to join the event. 

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