CSPSCentre for Spartan and Peloponnesian Studies


CSPS is directed by world-leading researchers in the archaeology and history of Sparta and the Peloponnese. Our work is supported by significant contributions from our academic members of staff, research fellows and postgraduate research students.

We warmly welcome researchers from other institutions to join CSPS as Associate Members. We also welcome visiting scholars and postgraduate students who wish to pursue research on Sparta and the Peloponnese in a collegial context.


Academic members 

Dr Chrysanthi Gallou (CSPS Director)

Professor Emeritus Bill Cavanagh (CSPS Emeritus Director)

Professor Emeritus Stephen Hodkinson (CSPS Emeritus Director)

Dr Carl Buckland

Dr Philip Davies

Dr Lynn Fotheringham

Dr Jon Henderson

Dr Clare Pickersgill

Professor Emeritus Jim Roy

Dr Edmund Stewart


Student members

PhD students currently working under the auspices of CSPS

  • Charami Roumpini-Ioanna, The Lakedaimonion chora from the archaic to the Hellenistic period
  • Matt Thompson, Spartan victory monuments and graves
  • Thea Wolff, The Potnia Theron in ancient Greece

Past PhD and MA/MRes students

  • Christina, Aamodt, Priests and priestesses in Mycenaean Greece (PhD)
  • Philip Davies, Individuals and Institutions: Status in Spartan Society in the Classical Period (PhD; AHRC-funded)
  • Nikolaos Dimakis, Social identity and status in the Classical and Hellenistic Northern Peloponnese: the evidence from burials (PhD; Greek Archaeological Committee UK-funded)
  • Ioan Huw Espley, Recreating maritime trade in the Peloponnese during the Middle Helladic period (MA by Research)
  • Samuel Farnham, Purification and burial ritual in southern Greece (PhD; AHRC-funded)
  • Rosie Harman, Viewing Sparta, Viewing Asia: Vision and Greek Identity in Xenophon (PhD; AHRC-funded)
  • Kendell Heydon, Hegemonic masculinity in Sparta (PhD) 
  • Amy Jolliffe, Warrior graves in post-palatial Achaia (MA by Research)
  • Joseph Jordan, A comparative analysis of regional feasting practices in Late Neolithic and Early Bronze Age Aegean (MA by Research)
  • Lydia Langerwelf (PhD), ‘No freer than the helots’: Messenian rebel behaviour in Pausanias’ Messeniaka in comparative perspective (PhD; School of Humanities funded)
  • Lena Nieves, Early Bronze Age harbour towns in the Peloponnese in their wider Aegean context (MA Archaeological Research)
  • Athanasia Panopoulou, Interpreting identical votive offerings from 8th c. BC Sparta and Tegea: the contribution of visual evidence (MA Classical Antiquity)
  • Petrus Scholten, Child burials in Middle Helladic Peloponnese (MA by Research)
  • Gerasimos Trasanis, Fortification and defence systems in classical and Hellenistic Elis, Greece: the case of Triphyllia (MA Archaeological Research)
  • Stephenie Tsoi, Spartan Women in comparative perspective: a view from China (MA Archaeology)


Associate members

The Centre boasts over 500 associated members from around the world. If you would like to join CSPS as an associate member, please email csps@nottingham.ac.uk.

Expand to see a short list of some of our esteemed associate members. 
CSPS associate members

CSPS associate member


Professor Georgia Alevra-Kokkorou, Professor Emerita of Classical Archaeology

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Dr Sophia Aneziri, Associate Professor of Ancient History

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Prof. Robert Arnott , Professor of the History and Archaeology of Medicine

University of Birmingham

Dr Eleni Asouti, Reader in Environmental Archaeology

University of Liverpool

Aimila Bakourou, Director Emerita of the 5th Ephorate of Byzantine Antiquities

Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports

Dr Jean-Sebastien Balzat, Research Assistant, Lexicon of Greek Personal Names, Stelios Ioannou School for Research in Classical and Byzantine Studies

University of Oxford

Anna Banaka, Deputy Director of the Ephorate of Antiquities of Argolid

Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports

Dr Emilia Banou, Assistant Professor

University of Peloponnese

Dr Agiatis Benardou, Senior Research Associate


Prof. John Bennet, Professor of Aegean Archaeology and BSA Director

British School at Athens

Prof. Dr. John L. Bintliff, Professor Emeritus of Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology

Rijks Universiteit Leiden

Prof. David Braund, Emeritus Professor

University of Exeter

Prof. Alain Bresson, Robert O. Anderson Distinguished Service Professor

University of Chicago

Dr William Bubelis, Associate Professor and Curator of the Wulfing Coin Collection

Washington University in St. Louis

Dr Peta Bulmer,  Honorary Research Fellow (Archaeology)

University of Liverpool

Prof. Paul Cartledge, FSA, FRSA

University of Cambridge

Dr Lucia Cecchet, Researcher in Ancient History

Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz

Prof. Paul Christesen, William R. Kennan Professor of Ancient Greek History Chair 

Dartmouth College 

Dr Christy Constantakopoulou, Reader in Classics and Ancient History

Birkbeck, University of London

Dr Lindsay Coo, Lecturer in Ancient Greek Language and Literature

University of Bristol

Professor Joost Crouwel, Emeritus Professor 

University of AMsterdam

Prof. Ephraim David, Emeritus Professor

University of Haifa

Prof. John K. Davies, Emeritus Professor and Honorary Senior Fellow

University of Liverpool

Dr Phil Davies, Alexander von Humboldt Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München

Dr Uta Degner, Assistant Professor

Universität Salzburg

Dr Katerina Dellaporta, Director of the Byzantine & Christian Museum

Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports

Dr Katie Demakopoulou, Director Emerita of the National Museum of Athens

Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports

Tamara Dijkstra, PhD candidate

University of Groningen

Prof. Adolfo J. Dominguez, Professor of Ancient History  

Universidad Autonoma de Madrid

Dr Eleni Drakaki, Programs Officer at The Heritage Management Organization

The Heritage Management Organization

Dr Rachele Dubbini, Researcher

Università degli Studi di Ferrara

Dr Alain Duplouy, Associate Professor in Archaeology

University of Paris I (Pantheon-Sorbonne)

Prof. Dorothy Figueira, Distinguished Research Professor

University of Georgia

Prof. Thomas J. Figueira, Distinguished Professor (II) of Classics and of Ancient History

Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey

Professor Patrick Finglass, Henry Overton Wills Professor of Greek

University of Bristol

Dr Georgia Flouda, Archaeologist

Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports

Prof. Michael Flower, Professor of Classics

Princeton University

Dr Hamish Forbes, Honorary Research Fellow in Archaeology

University of Nottingham

Prof. César Fornis, Professor of Ancient History

Universidad de Sevilla

Dr Björn Forsén, Senior Lecturer at the University of Helsinki and former director of the Finnish Institute at Athens

University of Helsinki

Dr Jeannette Forsén, Professor Emerita

University of Gothenburg

Prof. Catherine Keane Gilhuly, Professor of Classical Studies

Wellesley College

Dr Olivier Gengler, Researcher

Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities

Prof. Catherine Grandjean, Professor in Ancient History

Université François-Rabelais, Tours

Dr Alan Greaves, Senior Lecturer in Archaeology, National Teaching Fellow

University of Liverpool

Prof. Anthony Harding, Emeritus Professor in Archaeology

Department of Archaeology, University of Exeter

Dr Rosie Harman, Lecturer in Greek Historiography


David Hibler, Programme lead for Higher Education in Erasmus+

British Council

Dr Noreen Humble, Associate Professor

University of Calgary

Dr Georgia Kakourou-Chroni, Curator of the Coumantaros Art Gallery (Annex of the National Gallery in Sparti)

National Gallery of Greece  

Dr Konstantinos Kalogeropoulos, Researcher

The Academy of Athens

Dr Anna Karapanagiotou, Director of the Ephoreia of Antiquities of Arcadia

Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports

Dr Nigel Kennell, Sessional Lecturer

University of British Columbia

Prof. Dr Ewald Kislinger

Universitaet Wien

Dr Eleni Konstantinidi-Syvridi, National Museum at Athens

Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports

Dr Demosthenes Kosmopoulos, Archaeologist

Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports

Dr Angeliki Kossyva, Archaeologist

Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports

Dr Dimitris Kourkoumelis, Underwater Archaeologist

Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports

Dr Sokrates Koursoumis, Archaeologist

Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Tourism

Dr Lydia Langerwerf, Policy Officer

Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research

Dr Georgios C. Liakopoulos, Research Associate

Royal Holloway, University of London

Dr Peter Liddel, Senior Lecturer in Ancient History

University of Manchester  

Dr Christopher Lillington-Martin, Teacher of Classics, Summer Fields, Oxford; Tutor of Ancient History, Stanford University Centre in Oxford

Oxford Centre for Late Antiquity

James Lloyd, PhD student

University of Reading

Dr Matthew Lloyd

University of Oxford

Dr Thomas A. Loughlin, Senior Documentation Specialist, National Museum of Qatar

Qatar Museums Authority

Dr Jeffrey Maurice Lumb

Charles Stuart University, Australia  

Dr Ian Macgregor Morris, Senior Lecturer

Universität Salzburg

Dr Andronike Makres

HERC - Hellenic Education & Research Center

Prof. Joseph Maran, Professor of Pre- and Protohistory

Universität Heidelberg

Dr Eleni Marantou, Archaeologist

Ionian University (alumna)

Prof. Ellen Millender, Professor of Classics

Reed College

Leda Moschou, Archaeologist (retired), National Archive of Archaeological Monuments

Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports

Dr Sarah Murray, Assistant Professor in Classics & Religious Studies

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Dr Gina Muskett, (former) curator of antiquities

National Museums Liverpool & University of Liverpool (alumna)

Prof. Daniel Ogden, Professor of Ancient History

University of Exeter  

Prof. Erik Østby, Professor of Classical Archaeology

University of Bergen

Prof. Jari Pakkanen, Professor of Classical Archaeology 

Royal Holloway, University of London

Prof. Olga Palagia,  Professor of Classical Archaeology

The University of Athens  

Anastasia Panagiotopoulou, Director emerita  

Hellenic Ministry of Culture  & Sports

Dr Metaxia Papapostolou

University of Peloponnese (alumna)

Dr Annalisa Paradiso, Researcher

Università degli Studi della Basilicata

Dr Nicolette Pavlides, (temporary) Lecturer in Greek History

Trinity College Dublin

Dr Marcin Pawlak

Nicolaus Copernicus University, Poland

Dr Angeliki Petropoulou, Associate Professor Emerita of Public and Private Life in Antiquity and Byzantium

Hellenic Open University (Patra-Greece)  

Eleni Poimenidou

King's College London & British Museum

Dr Anton Powell  

University of Wales Institute of Classics and Ancient History and The Classical Press of Wales  

Prof. A.J.N.W. Prag, Professor Emeritus of Classics and Ancient History

The Manchester Museum, The University of Manchester  

Dr Selene Psoma, Associate Professor of Ancient History

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Aikaterini-Iliana Rassia, Graduate Teaching Assistant

King's College London  

Professor Josette Renard, Professor Emerita of Aegean Prehistory

Université Paul Valéry - Montpellier

Dr Tracey Rihll, Reader in Ancient History

Swansea University

Professor Athanasios Rizakis, Professor Emeritus and  N.H.R.F. Emeritus Research Director

University of Nancy2 (France), National Hellenic Research Foundation (N.H.R.F.)

Prof. Jeremy Rutter, Professor Emeritus of Classical Studies & Sherman Fairchild Professor Emeritus in the Humanities

Dartmouth College  

Yanis Saitas, Architect, Urban Designer & Ethnologist


Dr Gina Salapata, Associate Professor in Classical Studies

Massey University

Dr Guy Sanders, (former) Director of the Corinth Excavations

American School of Classical Studies  at Athens

Dr hab. Nicholas Sekunda

Gdansk University

Prof. Graham Shipley, Professor of Ancient History  

University of Leicester  

Dr David Smith

University of Liverpool

Dr Tyler Jo Smith, Associate Professor of Mediterranean Art and Archaeology  

University of Virginia  

Prof. Tony Spawforth, Emeritus Professor of Ancient History

Newcastle University

Dr Georgios Steiris, Assistant Professor of Medieval and Renaissance Philosophy

National and Kapodistrian University of Athens

Prof. Rebecca Sweetman, Professor of Ancient History and Archaeology

University of St Andrews

Dr Theotokis Theodoulou, Underwater Archaeologist

Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports

Dr Jonathan E. Tomlinson, CIG Assistant Director

Canadian Institute in Greece

Aris Tsaravopoulos, Director of Antikythera excavations

Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports

Dr Nicki Waugh

University of Edinburgh

Prof. Hans van Wees, Grote Professor of Ancient History

University College London

Dr Carlos R. Villafañe

University of Liverpool (alumnus)

Dr Ken Wardle, Senior Lecturer 

University of Birmingham

Prof. Helène Whittaker, Professor of Classical Archaeology and Ancient History

University of Gothenburg

Jackie Whalen, PhD student

University of St Andrew's

Robert Woodward, PhD student

University of Sheffield

Prof. James C. Wright, William R. Kenan, Jr. Chair and Professor of Classical and Near Eastern Archaeology Emeritus

Bryn Mawr College

Dr Ioannis Xydopoulos, Associate Professor in History

Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

Dr Zhu Hong-yun

Nanjing Normal University

Prof. Nikos Zacharias

University of Peloponnese

Dr Sophia Zoumbaki, Senior Researcher

National Hellenic Research Foundation (KEPA/EIE)




Visiting scholars and postgraduate students

The Centre acts as a focus for international academics, researchers and postgraduate students working on our area of expertise and we are committed to hosting visiting scholars from all around the world. During their research stay, visitors have access to our excellent resources and become full members of our vibrant research community.

If you wish to join the Centre as a visiting scholar or a visiting postgraduate student, please e-mail Dr Chysanthi Gallou.

Example visit: 

From September 2017 to February 2018 the Centre hosted Dr Barbara Caré (University of Turin) whose research stay was funded by the Accademia Nazionale dei Lincei in partnership with the British Academy. 

Barbara produced her Nottingham-based project “Bones of contention: astragali from the Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia, Sparta. A contribution in studying the role of faunal materials in ancient ritual practices”. This formed part of her interdisciplinary post-doctoral project on ritual behaviours and symbolic meanings related to astragaloi in the ancient Mediterranean. 

Previous CSPS visiting scholars
  • Gabriel Cabral Bernardo (visiting MA student; University of Sao Paolo)
  • Maciej Daszuta (visiting PhD student; University of Wroclaw)
  • Professor César Fornis (University of Seville; Spanish government grant)
  • Professor Masato Furuyama (Kokugakuin University)
  • Dr Socrates Korsoumis (Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports; BSA Centenary Bursary)
  • Dr Anna Karapanagiotou (Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports)
  • Dr Nick Kontogiannis (Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports)
  • Claudia V. Alonso Moreno (visiting PhD student; Universidad Autónoma de Madrid)
  • Anastasia Panagiotopoulou (Hellenic Ministry of Culture & Sports)
  • Dr Metaxia Papapostolou (University of Peloponnese)
  • Dr Annalisa Paradiso (University of Basilicata)
  • Sofia Paraskevopoulou (Erasmus UG; University of Peloponnese)
  • Eleni Toska (Erasmus UG; University of Peloponnese)
  • Dr Yannis Xydopoulos (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
  • Dr Hong-yun Zhu (Nanjing Normal University)


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