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Public outreach and engagement

At CSPS, we are committed to communicating our expertise on the history and archaeology of Sparta and the Peloponnese to the interested general public. 

The Centre organises a variety of events: conferences, research seminars, interviews, public lectures, school visits and educational projects.

Members also take part in a range of outreach and public engagement activities in the UK and abroad, inspiring young people to learn in new ways.

CSPS research challenges a widespread, often heroicised image of ancient Sparta as an exceptional, militaristic, austere and quasi-totalitarian city-state – an image open to political misappropriation by groups with far-right, Eurocentric and misogynistic leanings. 

The Centre thus fosters critical approaches to evidence and representation, presenting a greater variety of images of Sparta and its territory, and sharing scholarly thought-processes with the general public. 

Head to the CSPS news and events page to find out more about past and upcoming events, or check out some of the outreach-focused projects for either public or educational contexts via the links below.

CSPS news and events

Public engagement_Leonidas
Bronze statue of Leonidas at Thermopylae. The inscription underneath reads "ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ" ("Come and take them")

Outreach projects

Image of a Spartan city scene from the graphic novel Three

Public outreach

Challenging popular conceptions

Image shows a large group of children seated on the beach listening to a woman who stands with her back to the ocean with several islands in the distance, beneath clear blue skies

Educational activities

CSPS goes to school!



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