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Educational activities

Who says that academics don’t like having fun and sharing their knowledge with schoolchildren? 

The CSPS team combine our love for ancient history and archaeology with our love for fun learning.

We have set up a series of educational packages and activities to engage schoolchildren of all ages with ancient history and archaeology with a particular focus on the Spartans and southern Greece!

Image shows a large group of children seated on the beach listening to a woman who stands with her back to the ocean with several islands in the distance, beneath clear blue skies
Dr Chrysanthi Gallou (Director of CSPS) speaking to a group of Greek school children

The Centre works closely with colleagues from the University of Nottingham's Widening Participation and Outreach team and IntoUniversity to deliver the Nottingham-based activities, and runs projects in Greek schools too in collaboration with local archaeological units. Our educational resources and activities leaflets are available in both English and Greek.

Meet the Sparta Team



Our Sparta Team Leader 

Dr Chrysanthi Gallou  

Chrysanthi teaches Greek archaeology at the university. She enjoys designing all kinds of educational activities and resources, and she is a great fan of the Playmobil ancient gods and goddesses figures. She’ll even let you play with them!  

Group of Greek-inspired Playmobil figures (warrior; philosopher; god; goddess) stood
Greek-themed Playmobil figures

Our Sparta Learning Champions  

Paz Ramirez Valiente 

Paz is a doctoral students and she is fond of prehistoric figurines (how cool is that?)! She will tell you all about Spartan women and girls (Girl Power!) and she loves showing you how to make clay replicas of ancient things (plus she always smiles)! 

Matt Thompson 

Matt is a doctoral student. He is obsessed with the monuments that the ancient Spartans were setting up to celebrate their victories and to commemorate their battles! He really enjoys telling the story of Spartan kids stealing cheese from the altar of Artemis Orthia (what a strange story indeed!). 


Our Greek children’s author 

Sarantos Minopetros  

Sarantos is currently working on two family books – one about our investigations at the prehistoric submerged town and one about purple. He is fond of anything related to the sea – from pirates and shipwrecks to ancient submerged sites (Pavlopetri is his favourite sunken town)! Did you know he is a real Spartan too?  


Our Greek philologist  

Maro Charami  

Maro is helping us with the editing of our Greek family books and she is a great storyteller!  


Our Spartanteers (=Sparta+volunteers!) 

This year a lovely group of UoN undergraduate students have joined the Sparta Team. Alexia, Kate and Molly are fond of the Playmobil figures and they’ve had great fun setting the figures up and taking the super wonderful photos shown in our website. Cerys and Rachel got super creative and have produced educational packages on prehistoric (Mycenaean) perfumed oils!  

Let us introduce you to our fabulous Spartanteers:  

Alexia Burrows Charalambidou 

Alexia studies BA Classical Civilisation. 

Kate Honeker 

Kate studies BA Archaeology. 

Cerys Powell  

Cerys studies BA Archaeology.

Molly Preston 

Molly studies BA Archaeology.

Rachel Rolph 

Rachel studies BA Archaeology.




Example recent outreach event

Children’s workshop: Ancient Greece and the Spartans 

Were the Spartans all fierce warriors? Or more like you and I? School students found out more about this ancient civilisation with our experts on Ancient Greece. They took part in practical activities exploring the lives of Spartans. They discussed stories about Sparta’s military training, cult practices and everyday life activities to decide whether the reputation of Spartans as mere ‘war machines’ was to be believed. 



Current projects

Click below to explore some of our many current projects, and get in touch with Dr Chrysanthi Gallou if your school is interested in getting involved:

Purple banner with an image of a shell; a mosaic of a king;  mosaic of a queen; and a chemical diagram, below a title reading 'My name is royal purple: CSPS educational project'

My name is Royal Purple

Image shows a digital reconstruction of a house in Pavlopetri with timber frame and terracotta roof

Pavlopetri: Tales from the sea

'Sleeping rough' artwork by Matt Brooke. Image of swaddled baby abandoned in a wood with an owl in the tree above, silhouetted by the moon

Lessons from Spartaland

Painting of Leonidas and the Spartans at Thermopylae

Secondary education engagement



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