Spartiates, and Lakedaimonians: The Language of Identity in Archaic and Classical Sparta

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Thursday 26th January 2023 (17:00-18:00)
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Join Dr Matt Thompson (University of Nottingham) for a discussion about Spartiates, and Lakedaimonians: The Language of Identity in Archaic and Classical Sparta


One of several ways in which the ancient tradition presents Spartan culture as an exception is Lycurgus’ concern with the physical education of girls. Combined with the prominent case of Cynisca’s hippic victories this has led to a widespread scholarly interpretation that Sparta was highly exceptional in every aspect of women’s engagement in the typically male domain of ancient Greek sports. My ongoing research about women and Greek sports, however, suggests that this perceived agonistic exceptionalism in Sparta is strongly overstated. To name just two examples: footraces for maidens are attested in many parts of the Greek world, and an encompassing study of the polis affiliations of hippic victresses at agonistic festivals strongly qualifies Sparta’s alleged exceptionalism. This paper therefore sets out to explore the extent to and the ways in which Sparta may or may not have been an exception in the sphere of Greek female athletics.

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Dr Matt Thompson (University of Nottingham)

Dr Philip Davies (University of Nottingham)

Dr Petros Doukas (Mayor of Sparti)

Dr Chrysanthi Gallou (University of Nottingham)

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