Are you aware of the consequences of using AI tools in your work?

Tuesday, 04 April 2023
With the proliferation of online artificial intelligence (AI) tools such as ChatGPT, the university has updated its policies around the use of AI in assessments. Do you know when it’s appropriate to use AI and what the penalties are for misusing it?

Unless otherwise stated, the university considers the use of AI tools in assessments to constitute false authorship, which is an academic offence under the Academic Misconduct Policy (see the section titled ‘False Authorship’).

There may be some assessments in which the use of AI tools is permitted (for instance, to research a topic or formulate an essay structure). If this is the case, it will be communicated to you clearly in advance when the assessment is first set – otherwise you should assume that the use of any AI tools during your assessment is not permitted.

Potential outcomes of academic misconduct can include written cautions, a reduction of marks, a financial penalty, suspense or termination of studies, and withdrawal of a degree or qualification already awarded. Find out more about the Academic Misconduct Procedure. We advise all students to familiarise themselves with the Academic Misconduct Policy and understand what constitutes plagiarism, false authorship and collusion.

As AI tools become increasingly sophisticated, we are likely to see them used more prolifically both in workplaces and classrooms. They have the potential to be powerful educational tools but, equally, we want to ensure that the academic integrity of a degree from the University of Nottingham is safeguarded, as it is highly sought after and valued by employers and students alike.

We will continue to review our procedures and policies as they relate to AI and as this technology continues to develop.

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