Registering your attendance at in-person classes

Thursday, 27 January 2022
As part of our ongoing efforts to improve student welfare, your attendance at classes across all schools and departments will be registered to help staff identify students who may require additional support.

From Monday 31 January all undergraduate and postgraduate taught students will be asked to register your attendance at many of your in-person teaching sessions. This may include lectures, seminars, and laboratory sessions.

This data will form part of our welfare initiative, the Student Engagement Dashboard, which was introduced in 2021. It also helps us to fulfil attendance reporting obligations for Visas and Immigration, as well as to accurately maintain our records of active students in case an attendance withdrawal process is required. The data will be reviewed once a term for this purpose.

Your lecturer will make a QR code available to you at a specified point during your lesson. It will likely be displayed within the slides at the front of the classroom, but your lecturer will advise when and where they will display it. You will be asked to scan the QR code and enter your student ID, username and password.

There will be a unique QR code for every teaching session and you will not be able to use it at a later point, so please ensure you do so when advised by your lecturer. If you do not have access to a device with a QR code reader – or if the QR code is not working – your attendance can be added manually if required. Just speak to your lecturer.

We introduced the Student Engagement Dashboard in the autumn of 2021 to help staff identify and reach out to students who may need more support – either with their studies or more general wellbeing. Attendance capture is the latest phase of the Student Engagement Dashboard, allowing staff to build a more detailed picture of your engagement.

While we are collecting attendance figures, there will be no consequences to missed teaching over and above what has previously been administered by your school or department, and no decisions will be made solely on the basis of this information. If your attendance does drop substantially, you may be contacted with an offer of support from your personal tutor or a member of the Support and Wellbeing team.

More information – including frequently asked questions – about the Student Engagement Dashboard can be found on the Current Students webpages. The university’s privacy information reflects our use of student engagement data.

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