University Counselling Service - Spring workshops

Wednesday, 23 February 2022
The University of Nottingham Counselling Service provides a year-round service, including groups and workshops, self-help resources and individual counselling.

The University Counselling Service is working to current university and government guidance and is offering appointments by telephone, MS Teams and video with a gradual return to face-to-face working.

There are a number of workshops available to provide a ‘communal’ support experience. Workshops are often one-off events (sometimes they are made up of 2 linked sessions) with a specific theme, such as perfectionism, self-esteem or anxiety. Workshops are self-referral.

Sessions will have input from the counsellor running it, as well as reflective exercises to allow discussion and sharing of experiences from attendees. They are often focussed on finding practical ways of managing specific issues.

Schedule of upcoming workshops:

  • Mindfulness for staff and students
    Tuesday 1 March, 1-2pm
    MS Teams 
  • Perfectionism and procrastination for students
    Thursday 3 March, 1-2pm
    MS Teams
  • Manage anxiety and stress for students
    Thursday 3 March, 2-3pm
    MS Teams
  • Mindfulness for sleep for staff and students
    Friday 18 March, 1-2om
    MS Teams
  • Art as therapy for students
    Friday 25 March, 1-2pm
    MS Teams

For more information, and to book your place, please visit the Counselling website.

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